Bissell New ProHeat Deep Cleaner (Reconditioned), £79.95 - save £140 off new + free delivery.

Bissell New ProHeat Deep Cleaner (Reconditioned), £79.95 - save £140 off new + free delivery.

Found 10th Jun 2010
The advanced and thorough way to deep clean your carpet. The Dirt Lifter rotating brush with 6 rows of bristles helps remove the 45% of dirt left behind by ordinary vacuuming. Unique onboard heater keeps the cleaning liquid at 25c, its optimum cleaning temperature and a powerful 1400 Watt motor ensures fantastic pickup and cleaning performance.

* Rotating Dirt Lifter brush with 6 rows of bristle
* On board heater
* Special Tank in Tank system keeps clean & dirty water separate
* Ready Tools dial on front of machine for easy transformation from floor to above floor cleaning
* Foot operated on/off switch
* 27ft Power cord
* 3" Tough Stain Tool & Crevice Tool
* Sample Cleaning Formula
* 1400 Watts
* 1 Year Warranty

(Model / Part Number: 57G7E)

BISSELL often makes available to consumers reconditioned appliances. These are machines, which like those of other manufacturers, are sometimes returned for a variety of reasons.

At our own dedicated BISSELL Service Centres we fully recondition these appliances. We replace any parts as required, rigorously testing the machines to the highest industry and safety standards.

When refurbished, consumers can then buy them at a significantly lower price than when bought new.

Just like our brand new appliances, our reconditioned machines come supplied complete with accessories and cleaning formulae - plus BISSELL's full one year warranty.

... so if you want a terrific bargain, a reconditioned BISSELL model is well worth considering.


meant to buy one of these last time, ta.

I bought one of these a while back. Please do not waste your money. It is pants.

The first couple of times, it was absolutely fantastic, but there is a design flaw which means that the vacuum seal goes on the water container and then you get no suction unless you push down on the container. It really is an awful bit of kit. Check the interwebz for corroborating evidence for this.

There are other brands which do this kind of thing much better, imo. When it worked it was great. But it didn't work for long, and since you only tend to use them ever few months it means that by the fourth or fifth time you use it (i.e. a year) it'll be out of warranty and bust. That works out to be about £30 per use. You'd be cheaper hiring an industrial one from Asda and you wouldn't have the issue of having to store a beast of a machine somewhere.
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