Bisto Original Gravy 525g £2 @ Iceland

Bisto Original Gravy 525g £2 @ Iceland

Found 21st Nov 2017
Bisto 525g @ Iceland for £2.00 Instore and online
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A Yorkshire couple go to the Costa Brava for a holiday, but on arrival, the wife says "I won't be able to make gravy with your dinner, love - I've forgotten it, The husband says, "Don't worry, there's an English couple staying in the next apartment, I'll see if they have any" So he knocks on the door of the next apartment, and says to the man" 'Allo, 'hasta tha Bisto gravy" To which the man replies "Piss off, you Spanish prat!""

Oh yeah I digress, yes good price I like a nice bit of gravy on my Yorkshire puddings.

I'll get me coat !
Heat for posting something normal!
holeymoley182 m ago

Heat for posting something normal!

I'm fed up of all these retailers selling everything for Black Friday not actually on Black Friday so Black Friday turns into two weeks of so called deals arghhhh
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