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BITE Card _ Free
LocalLocalFound 18th Dec 2017Found 18th Dec 2017
If you travel through major UK train stations for work or pleasure then get a FREE BITE card. It's a discount card that gives you 10% off at train station food outlets across the U… Read more

Hey Guys! I have one of these cards, they are great especially if your around London rail stations. I'm not sure why they aren't accepting new applications, I also noticed their website is completely different to what I remember. The cards do work still, so I'm confused to why they have stopped new applicants! :/


Absolute cracking deal this 💦💦💦💦


Quite pointless, not open for registration..


Very useful, if it would let me join :|


Closed to new members

Free BITE Card – 10% Off At Train Stations
Found 23rd Nov 2014Found 23rd Nov 2014
If you travel through major UK train stations for work or pleasure then get a FREE BITE card. It's a discount card that gives you 10% off at train station food outlets across the U… Read more

If you're posting a new deal, you obviously do know it exists. You should use the search function to see if it's already been posted.


Why would you search for something you don't know exists? :{ For ongoing offers, reposts can be helpful (not too frequently though). The 10% discount down from 20% isn't :(.


I'm guessing you've not come across the search function in your 2 years, as someone has pointed out it was last posted within the last 2 weks so this is spam(anything reposted less than 4 weeks is spam, but then it seems this rule is a 'suggestion' rather than an enforced rule as there are many spam that go hot rather then being deleted).


Ordered one months a go which so far hasn't arrived. Doubt I'd bother applying again


I can sort of understand that some people still don't know about this one, but I'm baffled with the Waitrose card post that gets posted every month!

10% off at train stations - Free Bite Card
Found 10th Nov 2014Found 10th Nov 2014
Use this card in any major train stations- has a list if places on web site but they including bigger king, pumkin etc 10% off ur bill- plus it's free
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I must of been a good ex customer, as they sent me a letter by post... lol


Comment Wasn't exactly quiet, they sent out emails explaining what they were doing and when they were doing it.


Well said cheryl_stew.


A freebie is a freebie at the end of the day


Yes, i used to use it all the time to get 60p off coffee, dont bother now as you only save 30p!

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Free Bite Card - Get 20% off food & drink at Railway Station eateries
Found 16th May 2014Found 16th May 2014
If you travel throughout the UK on a regular basis for business or pleasure then get a Free Bite Card... Save 20% at eateries like Burger King, Upper Crust, Millies Cookies, The P… Read more

BOO! They're reducing the discount to 10% from the 1st October!


Thanks op. I'd never heard of this. Heat added.


Ok will do thanks :)


It is only for places at the Railway Station but you could try other places & see what they say... :)


Okay, hopefully mine will arrive soon, thanks... :)

Free BITE Card – 20% Off At Train Stations
Found 21st Jan 2014Found 21st Jan 2014
If you travel through major UK train stations for work or pleasure then get a BITE card. It’s a discount card that gives you 20% off at train station food outlets across the UK. I… Read more

Many thanks cant wait to get this card


can we use this at airports also?or just railways


can we use this at airports also?or just railways


can we use this at airports also?or just railways


As train station food is generally 20% more expensive, the 20% off makes everything normally priced :p

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Free Bite card 20% off at food and drink outlets across UK railway stations
Found 5th Oct 2013Found 5th Oct 2013
Complete our simple form to get your fantastic new BITE card and 20% off at food and drink outlets across UK railway stations. We will then post your card out to your home address.… Read more
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Thanks OP am new to this site so was grateful. My card is in the post.


Got mine this morning - not had chance to use it but put it in my wallet to keep it handy.


You go to Starbucks! :0


Just bought my Pumpkin Spiced Latte and the receipt has SSP on it, so yes to the question earlier.

Free cineworld ticket when you spend £2 (including 500ml Coca-Cola product) 3 times swiping your Bite card
Found 5th Jul 2013Found 5th Jul 2013
Just spotted a sign in Cafe Ritazza, Manchester piccadilly station that when you spend £2 3 times at any bite outlet and your purchase includes a 500ml Coca-Cola product you get a … Read more

Good deal and these cards are fantastic if you travel by train a lot. It helps bring the Burger King prices down quite a bit! Pity you can't do this deal at Burger King though :(


Probably better to go with the sweetsundays deals on the chocolate pouches at the moment

20% of Burger King, Upper Crust, Millies Cookies and BARS at Railway Stations Across the UK with Bite card
Found 24th May 2013Found 24th May 2013
20% off Burger King, Millies Cookies, Upper Crust, Delice De France, Pastry Shop, Caffe Ritaza, Camden Food Co, Nap-Poo and BARS (yes, BARS!) at railway stations across the UK with… Read more

Thanks for sharing :)


Thank you love burgerking but the prices are too high this is a real steal heat added x


Starbucks in the "new" Birmingham New Street take this card (past M&S Food near the end of the ground floor concourse) - but ironically not their own Starbucks loyalty card.


Thanks OP lost my last one came in handy hanging around Klngs cross waiting for train with my hungry kids. Can#t wait to try it in the bars.


I've had my card for many years and used it a lot. It can be refused at some restaurants if a franchise or they just wish to withdraw from the offer. And for Winkle you can only use it for restaurants at a station and not outside. Sorry. Be sure to order a few in different people's names as you can give to friends/family or just have a spare, the cards do not have names on so anyone can use them

BITE - register for free card enabling 20% off at food and drink outlets across UK railway stations
Found 5th Feb 2013Found 5th Feb 2013
Just received an email for a free BITE card, which enables the user 20% off food outlets at railway stations in the U.K. Could be useful for those who commute on the railway netw… Read more

Isn't it about time someone posted the Bite Card freebie deal again....after all, its been over a month since this was posted. ;)


Cool Thanks heat added


I've still got an old one with a bite taken out of it, still valid?


Never heard of this before.....thank you


Convenience of what getting ripped off and eating a pasty that tastes like a load of sawdust thats been sitting under a heatlamp for 2 hours and the pastry round the edge is all dried and hard, no thanks you can keep your convenience I'll stick with me Asda pasty thanks!

Free BITE card and 20% off at F&B outlets across UK railway stations.
Found 26th Oct 2012Found 26th Oct 2012
Get the new BITE card for 20% off at food and drink outlets across UK railway stations. This is a long standing offer but worth a reminder especially there is now a new BITE card… Read more

Cheers op


thank you OP


I have the paper one so I need a new one?


Come on HUKD...set up a section for permanent/ongoing freebies, vouchers and deals. This has been posted over 20 times!


Free BITE card and 20% off at F&B outlets across UK railway stations. £1.00 what does £1.00 mean in the post?

Heads up - BITE card holders need new card for 20% off food and drink at UK railway stations
Found 29th May 2012Found 29th May 2012
If you are a BITE card holder which is free to anyone who registers online, you need to update your card because the old one will shortly no longer be valid. If you are not a BIT… Read more
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1st October, the discount is being reduced to 10%. Shame!


Hey Guys We are looking to get a group of Bite Card users together at Euston Station in Late March, free beer and food. If anyone is interested in taking part drop me a PM. We want people from both sides of the fence Love it/Hate It so we can get some debates going. We are working with the owner of the Card Scheme to bring it into the 21st century and create the BITE that will not just give you 20% off but tailor your card just for you. Hit us up and spread the word. Paul


Yet MORE misinformation on here..what a surprise! This card is definitely worth it - station food is NOT generally 30% overpriced - its more like 15%. It's cheaper for me to buy a burger king meal from Manchester Piccadilly station than the one in Piccadilly Gardens by about 30p. It's cheaper to buy a coffee from one of the many coffee outlets than it is to go to one in town. It's cheaper to get a bacon sandwich..and it goes on. Not cheaper by much but it is cheaper. All using a Bite card of course! Train stations are not as bad as service stations, not by a long way. You don't have to type instantly every time a ridiculous angry thought pops into your head - take a moment to check what you are saying.


Its a good offer. Sure its cheaper to walk to somewhere away from the station and buy cheaper but there isnt always sufficient time to do that before the train arrives. Sure its cheaper to prepare your food or coffee at home but if its been a week since you saw home, it isnt always possible to do that.


Same here

Bitecard - 20% off at selected food/drink outlets in Train stations (New Card Required)
Found 17th Apr 2012Found 17th Apr 2012
This is a heads up for current bite card holders and a nudge for anyone who hasn't heard of bitecards (not sure if there are still people out there) Basically if you use train sta… Read more
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Just type in the location box and others magically appear!!


I think the old cards didn#t even have to be registered. I was given mine from work so they dont even have my address or anything to send me a new one


Can anybody show me a way to find more locations? In the drop down list it only shows top 30 matches, in alphabetical order. Cheers


Thanks OP. I noticed last week that the bite card dangly sign had gone from upper crust. I know why now.


awesome, it even had ur name on ;)

Free Bite Discount Card - 20% off Food & Drink at Rail Stations
Found 12th Jan 2012Found 12th Jan 2012
This ones back - fill in your details to get a free Bite discount card which gets you money off at loads of food places at railway stations including BK, Upper Crust, Millie's Cook… Read more
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I travel every week toLondon Victoria station,and enjoy breakfast at the Sole bar and resturant,please can you send me a Bite card,I seem to be the only one who goes there without one........and I can see the benefits.Kind Regards Anne Taylor


Many thanks very handy to have


dd just registered for one, she's in train stations all the time. voted hot :)


Thanks! Very handy


:p Ordered one of these previously - also works in some of the bars!

Free 20% Discount Card @ Bite Card
Found 9th Mar 2011Found 9th Mar 2011
Get 20% discount at mainline railway stations on food and drink at the following outlets with a FREE BiTE card Upper Crust The Pasty Shop Caffe Ritazza Pumpkin Burger King Bar Slo… Read more

[quote=theyiddo]Maybe HUKD should have a "sticky" section for permanent hot deals like gets boring after seeing this posted for the 50th time![/quote If there is not a valid (unexpired) entry, there's no harm in posting deals like this again; this site has a growing membership....if you find it boring you can skim over the post - remember you have that choice. I've had one of these cards for years, after seeing this post I remembered to spread the word (again).


Send off of one Heat X)


Get one of these cards every year, but have never used it once lol.


Burger king have changed the way they apply the 20% discount. Intially they used to give 20% discount on total bill , but nowdays they exclude VAT and then apply 20% discount


many thanks , ive never herd of this before. heat added

Free Bite Card  - 20% @ Railway Stations - BK / Millies/Delice de France etc
Found 1st Jun 2010Found 1st Jun 2010
Free Bite Card - 20% @ various foodie places Feeling hungry? There's nothing better when you're feeling peckish, than a big discount. The BiTE discount card offers you 20% off at… Read more

Spot on - cheaper grub is always good


I rarely hit the stations but when I have to, this will be handy to have :) cheers OP


It helps brings things down to their normal price. However in Pumpkin Cafe a 75cl bottle of water £1.85! I nearly had a heart attack when the cashier told me the price.


Had mine for years now. Always helps out on those family trips when all the kids want food.


awsome1! thanks

Free Bite Card 20% off Food Outlets @ Railway Stations
Found 18th Feb 2010Found 18th Feb 2010
The bite discount card offers 20% discount at food and drink outlets in railway stations across the UK~I know that this has been posted before but over 4 months ago.I thought that … Read more
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your employer is a douche

nice one!


My employer thinks this is a staff bonus and we should all be grateful to them for providing it to us! :roll:


Hi Guys! My first post! When you register for a new card, are you supposed to get an email? I did not get one...did any of you?


Thanks i missed this first time around. Will come in handy. Heat & rep added.

Free hot drink with any sandwich bought - BiTE Card holders deal
Found 28th Sep 2009Found 28th Sep 2009
1. Get yourself a free Bite Card: 2. Print off the voucher using the direct link button. 3. Whils… Read more
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Yep. My Bite card makes the incredibly overpriced Burger King on Liverpool Lime Street station cheaper than the one on the high street! Even better when you've got BOGOF vouchers aswell!


Wow what a coincidence!! My Bite card has been missing since Xmas, I go and make the above post and without even mentioning this deal an hour later Mrs Taksim comes out the kitchen and say's "I've just found this" and hands me my BITE card! Time to celebrate with a nice hot drink me thinks!


I'll be using this for lunch on Wednesday, nice one. Bite cards are fantastic, and not very well known :)


Cheers heat and rep added


I've lost mine too.:)

FREE BiTE Card : 20% discount on Food and Drink outlets @ Railway stations !
Found 20th Aug 2009Found 20th Aug 2009
Another heads up on this folks, I've have just recieved an email from Bite card Welcome to the BiTE discount card website, if you would like 20% off at food and drink outlets at … Read more
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thanks for the post, shall be getting mine


Been posted many times before


Thanks, this will come handy :)


Burger king is a good one lol


about 95% of all fast food outside of the UK & North America!!

20% off food/drink at all uk train stations
Found 25th May 2009Found 25th May 2009
Get20% off food/drink at all uk train stations with this free card. Perfect to help us in this credit crunch

Thanks just ordered, also got a few train journeys coming up


Cheers. Lost my old one and got a few train journeys coming up


Been using my out of date one (2006) for the last few years now so this would be good incase they actually check one time! thanks!


I never received my card... I'm going to apply again. gary_rip had posted a temporary PDF card so you can start enjoying the discounts before you actually receive the card. I keep my paper one in my wallet! ] Edit: good reminder, voted hot


Choo! Choo! Save while waiting for your delayed train - I like it. Thanks.