Black 2.5m Overhanging Parasol - Was £54.99, Now £39.99 @ Argos

Black 2.5m Overhanging Parasol - Was £54.99, Now £39.99 @ Argos

Found 20th Jun 2017
A cracking price for what you get. Has dropped from £54.99. Plenty of stock around. It also has really good reviews. Really good for the price.

Looked at all the usual places for one and this was easily the best and cheapest.

The weights for the base are pricey though. Nothing a couple of slabs can't do!
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What stupid 'deal' IT NEEDS A base which bulks the price upto £104 unless you want to useus the classy method of the OPs slabs!!!
Look at the q & a section, everyone is completely confused that it doesn't come with a Base, like buying a car with no wheels. Useless!!!!!
Plenty of nice slabs. A garden centre will sell you a couple of decorative ones for under a tenner.
And to be fair, all parasols usually need a base
Same price as ikea

And to be fair, all parasols usually need a base

​I agree, people get so cray cray over these. Yes we have to buy a Base for any parasol so nothing we would have to do differently if we choose this type instead. Its all about preference, so if someone wants to buy it and use slabs as a Base let them its not for your garden. Move along peeps.
I was lookin a parasol to but my new gardens quite small so I couldn't have one of these again with my slabs yes people slabs! lol so went with the 2.7 from b&m to put through my table.
showing normal price
Price is showing as £54.99, both on the listing and in the "trolley". How are you getting it at £39.99?
We've got one stuck down the bottom of the garden doing nothing. The slightest breeeze and the canopy flies all over the place, you have to end up tying it down.
It now seems to have went back up to full price
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