Black and Decker 18V Cordless Drill Driver - Argos Error - £32.99

Black and Decker 18V Cordless Drill Driver - Argos Error - £32.99

Found 15th Jul 2007
Ive just gone down to Agros Gosport to get myself a new drill. I purchased the Black and Decker(R) CD18CA 18V Cordless Drill Driver for £32.99 from their website and done a collect instore. When i got home i noticed that they had given me the Black & Decker KC181FK Hammer Drill instead. I check the ticket and all was fine, paid what i should of... but on the box itself they had crossed out the correct item number for the KC181FK and replaced it with the C18CA one. Now i dunno if this is standard now to get rid of old stock, but the KC181FK retails at roughly £54 in other stores - also Homebase which is tied to Argos has the 'real' CD18CA. Before anyone says 'they are the same'... no there is a lot of difference between the 2. The KD has a charge time of only 1 hour opposed to 3 for the CD, and it feels a lot more professional (but you dont get the selection of drill bits, small price to pay though).

So anyone looking for a good quality 18v at a really good price have a try, you never know.…6/2
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I seem to remember this before....bazzaric goes off to check...

edit: ok, not quite the same! ]Here

Interestingly enough if you Google Black & Decker KC181FK Hammer Drill one of the links is for £49.99...and it takes you to the Black and Decker(R) CD18CA at £32.99 (reduced from £49.99)

Good find, but not as good as the 24v Challenge drill Argos erroneously gave out for £13.97 a few weeks ago.


Yes, I got the 24v Challenge deal and ran out before they called me back. :-)

Maybe not relevant. went to Homebase today asked if pricematch B&Q, they said only match Argos. Thanks for mentioning Argus and Homebase lovers. Thats pants. More like price fixing.

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I didd try to get Homebase to match to get the extra 10%... supposedly though they dont on items that are special offer. The CD drill instore at HBase was marked at £49.99 anyway. They wouldnt even match the online price when i tried LOL !!

Dont forget this post though... in HBase you get the CD not the KC drill ;-)
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