Black and Decker DIY equipment half price + an extra 25% off in Tesco!
I've just been to my local Tesco (Peterborough) and noticed what I thought was a good deal on the Black and Decker DIY stuff. All the equipment (drills, sanders etc.) has 25% off until 26th August. However, an even better deal is on some of the discontinued items which are already marked down to half price, plus you get another 25% off on top! The three items I noticed in particular that were real bargains were but there are others:

Black & Decker Compact 3.6V Screwdriver - was £24.97, reduced with discounts to £9.36 (this item is over £33 on Amazon!)
Black & Decker Sander 1/3 Sheet KA197 - was £19.97, reduced with discounts to £7.47
Black & Decker KS888E Jigsaw - was £34.97, reduced with discounts to £13.13 (price varies between £35 and £39.99 at other retailers)

Like I say it's in store only because this stock is discontinued, but you might be lucky and I think the above are particularly good value for money!


Do you mean the one at Hampton Hargate or Peterborough ?

Original Poster

Hampton Hargate! I am sure they will still be available across the country though!
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