Black and decker hand held hoover £19.99 Tesco

Black and decker hand held hoover £19.99 Tesco

Found 18th May 2017
£99 off! Black and decker hand held hoover
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It's £19.50 on Amazon. Says 50p off RRP so that £99 saving is a complete joke.
£99 off X)
Joke of the day
looks to be around £18-£24 at most places.
they have the R.P. for the Ion one , this is the cheap 2.4V one
It appears to be in stock
oh no its a glitch,bet you Tesco honor this one though,anyone who ordered one should be looking for a refund once they get it of course serve them right for cancelling so many other glitches.
Credit to John Lewis who are the only company this year so far who have honored a glitch with me.
There are crap, you'd be lucky if the charge last 15 minutes
Black and Decker hoover? Have they merged?
cheaper at CPC.
They claim it will " effortlessly scoop up large debris" but the images they use the largest items they show are dried cat biscuits. 2.4v will pick up nothing but the lightest of rubbish. Fairly useless vacuum.
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