Black Book DVD - £3.99!! @ HMV

Black Book DVD - £3.99!! @ HMV

Found 2nd Feb 2010Made hot 2nd Feb 2010
This is a great price for this brilliant film! First time I've seen it for under a fiver!

Dutch filmmaker Paul Verhoeven made his name in Hollywood with films such as ROBOCOP, BASIC INSTINCT, and STARSHIP TROOPERS. But Verhoeven got his start in the industry by making films (the acclaimed SPETTERS and SOLDIER OF ORANGE among them) in his native country, and it's to Holland that he returns for BLACK BOOK--his first Dutch film in 20 years. The story is set during the final days of World War II in Holland, and follows a Jewish singer named Rachel Stein (Carice Van Houten). Rachel attempts to avoid the Nazis and remains in quiet hiding until her family is brutally slain, causing her to join up with a resistance movement. On a subsequent undercover mission, Rachel crosses paths with a smitten German general named Ludwig Muntze (Sebastian Koch), with whom Rachel begins a relationship in order to feed vital information back to her colleagues in the resistance. But as the action and bloodshed escalate, Rachel realises that she has genuine feelings for Muntze, and soon she is in enormous danger. Verhoeven's film is wildly ambitious and takes many intriguing twists and turns during its 146 minutes. BLACK BOOK commanded the largest budget of any film to be produced in Holland, and it shows. Explosions litter the screen, plenty of car chases ensue, and wince-inducing injuries and deaths propel the action. The director isn't afraid to criticise his fellow countrymen and inserts a fascinating subtext about the actions of the resistance fighters, asking some uncomfortable questions about the similarities between their behavior and that of the Nazis. Van Houten lights up the screen throughout and is surely destined for bigger things, and while the tumultuous experiences her character undergoes might push the boundaries of reality at times, Verhoeven has pointed out in interviews that Rachel is a composite character who encompasses the merged experiences of many real people from the era.


Good movie,well worth it

Yes, excellent movie.

Awesommeee dit is echt een super chille film :thumbsup:

Its a great film

Likewise, a very well made movie indeed and for me a must see!


Awesommeee dit is echt een super chille film :thumbsup:

Mee eens, ga dit zien:thumbsup:

dvd cover makes it look crap: it's anything but

Smashing old-fashioned war movie.If you haven't got it,buy it.
Female Agents isn't bad to add for a good double-bill.

great price for a great film!

just bought, great film thanks again

Good film. Really enjoyed it. Seeing Carice Van Houten in the buff is a bit of a bonus too.
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