Black Books Complete Box Set DVD, £7.87 @ Amazon

Black Books Complete Box Set DVD, £7.87 @ Amazon

Found 21st Sep 2010Made hot 21st Sep 2010
Includes all series 1, 2 and 3!

One of the few genuinely outstanding British comedy shows of the past decade, Black Books unites excellent comedic performances, very funny scripts, and plenty of rewatch value. The concept is simple enough. Bernard (expertly played by Dylan Moran) runs a bookshop. The only problems are he can't stand people, hates customers, and would far prefer to be barking out cutting remarks and drinking wine. Still, it's after drinking much of the aforementioned wine that he offers Manny (Bill Bailey, again in terrific form) a job. Manny accepts, and finds his daily life involves taking abuse from Bernard, while remaining strangely and resolutely upbeat. Fran (Tamsin Greig) meanwhile also likes her wine, and finds herself stuck between the two of them, with a few odd encounters of her own thrown in too.


An absolute bargain for the hours of rib-tickling it provides!

One of the best comedy series ever.
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