Black buckle court shoes for only £3.50 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Black buckle court shoes for only £3.50 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Found 13th Feb 2008
Price was £15, now £4.50 minus 20% voucher = £3.60 and minus 4% (via Quidco) it gives you £3.5, and add voucher for free delivery!!!!



no 5's or 6's !!!!

gutted would have ordered them other wise

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there is 5!

Does anyone have the direct link as the link takes me to the pix only

ok if your a size 3 or a size 8 lol

Same as all sales really - if you are very big or very small you can get a good deal!

Hot vote for me.....wee size 3 here...not my style though,but great price for a pair of shoes from Debenhams....:thumbsup:

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when I put it some time ago there was 5 and more sizes .
Faster - better
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