Black & decker 12v car vacuum £23.98 @ Costco (Members Only)

Black & decker 12v car vacuum £23.98 @ Costco (Members Only)

Found 18th Oct 2017
2814343.jpg2814343.jpg2814343.jpg2814343.jpgSurely everyone knows someone with a card by now..
Looked like an ok deal I saw from the Costco saving book you can pick up instore.
I had a quick look online and was seeing around £30 upwards for this, haven't checked reviews but May be of use to someone.

I'll try post a free more pics of the offers. Dyson fan heater looks pretty good too
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Thanks for posting OP, i have one of those but older model and does a decent job.
These are awful, picked one up from tesaco for 15 quid. Barely picks up cat hairs.
£36.99 if you order online, 5% extra for non-members....
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