Black & Decker Auto Wrench 7.25 @ Amazon
Black & Decker Auto Wrench 7.25 @ Amazon

Black & Decker Auto Wrench 7.25 @ Amazon

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Cheapest around,
RRP £35.00 next cheapest argos sale - £10.99 (but out of stock)
checkout the cheesy video
The Black and Decker Auto Wrench comes complete with a one touch button to adjust the jaws between 0-30mm jaw opening for use with most household nuts and bolts. With heat treated hardened steel, the B&D Autowrench can cope with the most demanding of tasks.

This is a fantastic tool which makes jobs around the house quick and easy. This is essentially a one handed tool with the adjustable jaws being operated by a one touch button that is battery operated.


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got some good reviews & some bad

Nice one, ta.


got some good reviews

Strange, most of the reviews I read were not favourable :roll:

Going to give it a go at seven notes.

Oh no, not again!

Absolute litter, I recieved one as a gift and it's hopeless. AVOID:!:


Used one of these - bought as a joke, and it is a joke.
Can't beat the old bahco 8" adjustable (as used by offshore inst techs everywhere).

I have one and whilst its not brilliant, the comments above seem excessive.

Its problem is failing to grip hard enough on a surface so you might not get the accuracy you need.

For stuck or stiff nuts (don't they hurt !!) it probably won't work, but for simple to access ones it should do.

You can put your finger in the jaws, tighten it and it doesn't hurt (a safety aspect no doubt), but therein lies the problem of grip.

If you place it square on the nut then close, it ought to grip accurately and then is quite useful.

I wouldn't pay more than this though.

Such a pointless gimmick, Black and Decker have simply thought what can we add a battery to to draw in the gadget crowd. It is nothing more than a marketing gimmick.

gotta love the video, SOLD!

how hard is it to adjust a wrench, you would need to be super lazy!

Got one of these from Amazon when they were around a £10. They Rubbish. Buy yourselves a decent spanner set. Honest- they are Cr*p.

Got one of these as a gift a couple of years ago.

They are mostly useless gimmick, but can be very helpful in some plumbing situations, where access is very limited.

lol, I ordered, then I cancelled!!

Seeing the reviews on here made me think again, it was bought on impulse as well to be fair lol!


got some good reviews & some bad

Sherlock Holmes.



Don't you mean 'wrenched'?

I've used mine just once to reach a difficult join behind the shower unit and it did the job admirably, the electric adjustment was really handy, I wouldn't attempt to use it on any car bits though as I don't think it would be up to it. Good for plumbing, rubbish for mechanics.


ASDA selling this(well not this brand) but for £2.99

No good on smaller nuts - doesn't grip hard enough - in fact nowhere near. There's a reason why everywhere is offloading these cheap.

Get a proper wrench at the same price and you will not regret it.
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