Black & Decker GLC1825N 18V Cordless Strimmer Ni-Cad Battery £40.96 @ Amazon

Black & Decker GLC1825N 18V Cordless Strimmer Ni-Cad Battery £40.96 @ Amazon

Found 3rd Oct 2013
I know this was posted last week, but the price has now dropped to under £41 which is a bargain for a cordless branded strimmer, the original poster hasn't updated the price to reflect it so I'm reposting at the lower price. The price has been dropping by about £1 each day but I don't think it will drop much further before it sells out.
Bought one a few days ago and currently waiting delivery

Black & Decker 18v Grass Strimmer

The Black & Decker 18v Grass Strimmer is designed to be lightweight and flexible. This Strimmer tackles the toughest areas in a little amount of time. Using technology, it facilitates the trimming process and increases the productivity of the user. Can be used for a variety of tasks including trimming excess grass growing against a wall, fence, flowerbed or pathway to give lawn borders a neat and tidy finish. Or, awkward areas around hedges, fences and trees, as well as tall overgrown foliage, which are difficult to reach by hand and it is tricky normally to get a consistent cut length.
edrive motor
Efficient cutting system
E-Drive Technology

The high torque gear system gets the job done faster through an improved rate of cut. The motor also gives stall free cutting during even the toughest of jobs, making trimming feel easier and faster. A recurrent Black & Decker technology, E-Drive ensures the power and intelligence of the Black & Decker product in order to fulfill various tasks.
no cord
No cords
Efficient Cutting System

The efficient E-Drive motor and NiCd battery will allow the Black & Decker 18v Grass Strimmer to cut up to 1500 metres in one charge, depending on the density of foliage. This gives the user the confidence to start a job without having to pause to recharge constantly.
Cord Free Cutting

The Black & Decker 18v Grass Strimmer gives the user total access to their garden without the need for extension cables, making all those difficult to reach places a thing of the past. In addition, by using the Black & Decker 18v Grass Strimmer there is no danger of being tripping on or accidentally cutting through the cord, increasing the safety of using it. The Black & Decker 18v Grass Strimmer is both lightweight and has a telescopic shaft and dual handle for easier maneuverability, increased balance and comfort. This is particularly useful when using a garden strimmer for long periods; giving the user steady control of the cutting machine without getting tired.
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Cold, Reasons: Battery (£33) is 18V 1.5A = 27W, people report battery life of 20mins so estimate motor is ~80W.

Think I'd sooner have their 550W Dual Line one for £1 more:…mer

Different product but similar perceived issue. My cordless Bosch Hedge Trimmer, which came with 2 Ni-Mh batteries, doesn't have a very good run time. With this being Ni-Cad I'd expect it to be worse.

There is a reason why Li-ion it taking over in battery technologies.

All this said if you have a small area of grass to trim that doesn't warrant a long extension lead then this could be the right product for someone.
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