Black & Decker PLR36NC Twist Screwdriver 3.6v  at Amazon £9.99

Black & Decker PLR36NC Twist Screwdriver 3.6v at Amazon £9.99

Found 21st Jan 2010
Manufacturer's Description
This new Black & Decker PLR36NC is a great little 3.6 volt 2 positioned twist handled screwdriver. It has a built in LED light ring that illuminates dark work areas such as under sinks and cupboards. The PLR36NC has a 2 position twist handle mechanism for full versatility and accessibility on the most demanding of jobs. The spindle lock mechanism gives greater control when manual screw driving is needed and the forward and reverse rocker switch lets you easily switch the machine for screw driving or screw removal. There is also on the PLR36NC an onboard storage facility for screwdriver bits that gives you easy access when needed.
Product Description

-2 position twist handle mechanism for full versatility and accessibility
-On board led light ring iluminates dark work areas such as under tables, in cupboards and in basements
-Spindle lock for greater control when manual screwdriving is required
-Forward/Reverse rocker switch for easy screwdriving and screw removal
-Driver bits stored on board are always available at the worksite and are quick and easy to change

Applications :
Installing blinds
Hanging curtain rods
Hanging pictures
Installing light switches
Installing hinges
Mounting storage and decorative shelving

Voltage: 3.6V
Battery Type: NiCD
Charge time: 12hr
Clutch positions: No
Clutch mechanism: No
Max Torque: 4Nm
Reverse: Yes
Spindle lock: Manual
Speed: Single
No load speed: 180rpm
Torque control: No


Battery Type: NiCD

= badd


Battery Type: NiCD= badd

why ?

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Battery Type: NiCD= badd

I wouldn't buy one of these but I thought it was such a good price I had to post it in case others wanted one.

I have one. They are good, but very underpowered. Quite often, it struggles when the material the screw is going into is a bit tough.

That said, build quality is excellent and I have used mine a few times as a hammer to "help" plugs and screws go in that bit easier!

if it was the drill as in the picture posted i would buy the lot as that one is going for £35. the picture needs changing OP to the correct model .…s_t

i have one and its not bad for flatpacks etc , sure your not going to build a house with it but a garden shed yeah it will do what its designed for..... As with many others to get that final twist you need the wrist action ,.....


why ?

Ni-CD has memory effect, battery will crystallise and lose capacity. This process will accelerate if you dont use the charge in one session also if you fully deplete the battery IIRC..... correct me if im wrong but its along those lines..

on the bright side, Ni-CD tend to have better power output (torque/current) till it runs out compared to Ni-MH...

RRP: £29.62
Price: £25.19
You Save: £4.43 (15%)


why ?

Lithium is far better, it lasts longer and dosent loose its charge when stored, have you ever used a drill then put it away and come back to use it a couple of months later and the battery is flat ?, dosent happen with lithium

Very have a lithium one for £10 very good quality i used one to take my kitchen apart the other day and was quite supprised on how good it was


RRP: £29.62Price: £25.19You Save: £4.43 (15%)

Look on the right hand side, it's clearly £9.99 :roll:

I voted hot before I read it's nicad, I would have voted it cold otherwise.
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