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Posted 16 March 2023

Black +Decker Reviva up to 50% off sale - e.g, Cordless 3.6V Screwdriver £10 + Free Collection @ Homebase

£10£2458% off
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50% and more off on Black and Decker Reviva at Homebase;

Cordless 3.6V Reviva Screwdriver £10 from £24
Reviva 12V Cordless Drill Driver £17.50 from £36
Reviva 12V Cordless Jigsaw £22.50 from £45
Reviva 12V Cordless Detail Sander £22.50 from £45
Reviva 19" Toolbox £8 from £16
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  1. savadude's avatar
    I thought these were a toy at first!! Has anyone used these tools before?
    accidentalbuilder's avatar
    I'm not sure if it's the exact model, but it looks about the same size and shape and I think the one I used might have been a black and decker older model.

    I've ended up using it a few times for a female friend who has one, where it's been the only thing available at the time she's needed help with something, saving me from travelling back to get a proper drill.

    For something that's so small and looks like a child's toy, I was quite surprised how well it worked. Certainly beats doing it by hand, and it's so small it'll fit in places a regular drill won't which has been handy a couple of times.

    Not a substitute for a full size drill or impact driver, but better than expected and useful in some situations if you don't need a lot of power and don't mind recharging the thing repeatedly if you have a lot of screws to put in.

    Not sure about this exact model but I suspect they're much the same as each other. (edited)
  2. fender62's avatar
    these are probably good if you fixing electronic devices dismantling etc, i use a cordless drill and adjust the torque and lower the speed if your drill has that most do, this cordless screwdriver is junk and will probably sit in your draw forever.
    id get these for a drill, cheap n cheerful for basichome use - screwfix.com/p/e…EH6 (edited)
  3. Noeldude's avatar
    Odd to make them from recycled plastic then have to bin them when the batteries mo longer hold a charge.
    smephone's avatar
    Aye, pure greenwashing.
  4. Loner's avatar
    It's a good job these have been recycled as they look like they would end up in the bin soon after purchase to be recycled again.
  5. TheChiefExecutive's avatar
    Saw these in store. They do look like toys. Prices are a real saving over Toolstation and Screwfix but still not remotely tempted.
    youngchap's avatar
    I think Toolstation had it on sale for £6 or something.
  6. SmashingK's avatar
    Drill and screwdriver look like a good buy to make simple home DIY easier. Had to dissemble a metal framed bed recently and an electric screwdriver saved me a lot of effort and time. With the right bits and adapters you could make do with just the drill for screws too as long as you're careful since it has quite a lot more power.

    Anyone ever needing the saw or sander will want a more powerful and well built tool. (edited)
  7. Gav_881's avatar
    it looks like a good starter set for under £100 but with non removable batteries the performance will degrade over time.

    Probably a decent set for first home types, decide what you realy need and buy the better versions of those in your future.
  8. johnnystorm's avatar
    I've one of the old orange micro-usb charging drills and it's perfect to keep in the house for small repetive jobs and it's great not having to have another bespoke charger kicking about.
    Just had a look, these don't appear to be USB charging. Real shame that. (edited)
  9. Besford's avatar
    I have a B&D cordless vacuum cleaner. When the battery gave up on that out of warranty B&D said they don't have parts and it wasn't fixable! Green - I don't think so!
  10. b13kal's avatar
  11. mummymelly's avatar
    Picked the drill driver up this morning feels pretty solid and well made to be honest. Not tried it yet as it's a mother's day gift What my mum asked for lol!.
    ashyt16turbo's avatar
    I hope your mother likes it. I think it will be ideal for her.
    However every post I've made referencing that this range might be a good choice for females gets deleted.
  12. rrr99gp's avatar
    I would have bit if the screwdriver had torque settings.
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