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Black Friday 2022: LEGO Black Friday Deals Megathread!

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About this deal

With plenty of LEGO deals at the moment and to come, here is a megathread of all the best LEGO Deals for Black Friday 2022 from many retailers, so you can keep a track of the best LEGO deals.

Will be sorted out by most popular themes, if you don't see a deal which you think should be mentioned, feel free to share in the comments.

All credit to OPs for deals here, all deals for this megathread were posted from 18th November onwards, with exception of offers which were posted prior but will run during the Black Friday week.

LEGO Shop Black Friday offers

All of the official LEGO Shop Black Fridays offers and deals are listed here - Black Friday 2022: New Set / VIP Weekend / Student Offers / Freebies (starts November 19th) @ LEGO Shop | hotukdeals

Other LEGO Shop deals from now till the 28th November:

5x VIP Points instore / redeem 100 points for discounts online on select sets
Build a Gift: Give a gift - credit to @kin88
Double VIP Points on all purchases (19th - 20th Nov) - credit to @lego_images
LEGO Icons 10294 Titanic - Back in stock for VIP Weekend Promos - credit to @AndrewP72
Redeem 75% less points for a £5 VIP Voucher


Other Retailers!

Offers from major LEGO stocklists, including Argos, John Lewis and Amazon.

John Lewis & Partners

15% and 25% off select LEGO sets - credit to @mrsandmum
LEGO Harry Potter 76404 Advent Calendar - Half Price - £14.99 - credit to @mrsandmum


Expecting a lot more closer to Black Friday but at the moment just the one stand out offer

LEGO Technic 42083 Bugatti Chiron - £213 - credit to @mrsandmum
LEGO Harry Potter Advent - Half Price - £15 - credit to @mrsandmum


Tons and tons of LEGO deals at Amazon UK, some of the best ones (percentage wise)

LEGO DOTS 41952 Big Message Board - £14.49 with voucher - credit to @Willlau99
LEGO Friends 41700 Beach Glamping - £17.99 - credit to @mrsandmum
LEGO Star Wars 75300 Imperial TIE Fighter - £20.99 - credit to @mrsandmum
LEGO Architecture London City Skyline - £22.39 - credit @kin88
LEGO Creator 3in1 31129 Majestic Tiger - £25.19 - credit to @mrsandmum
LEGO Mickey and Friends 10780 Castle Defenders - £27.75 - credit to @kin88
LEGO Disney 43202 Encanto Madrigal House - £27.99 - credit to @ElChampo
LEGO Star Wars 75327 Luke Skywalkers Red 5 Helmet - £34.99 - credit to @ElChampo
LEGO Harry Potter 76407 The Shrieking Shack - £38.99 - credit to @mrsandmum
LEGO Star Wars 75318 The Child - £39.89 - credit to @kin88
LEGO Star Wars 75330 Dagobah Jedi Training - £44.09 - credit to @mrsandmum
LEGO Friends 41714 Andrea's Theatre School - £46.79 - credit to @legodealsmad
LEGO Harry Potter 76388 Hogsmeade Village Visit - £47.99 credit to @rcarter
Over 50% off this odd bundle of a Art Flower set and Hungarian Horntail - £51.98 - credit to @GreekGeekUCS
LEGO Ninjago 71767 Dojo Temple - £55.99 - credit to @coconut38
LEGO Super Mario 71408 Peach's Castle - £67.49 - credit to @smegheads69
LEGO Architecture 21056 Taj Mahal - £78.74 - credit to @rcarter
LEGO City 60337 Express Passenger Train - £79 - credit to @mrsandmum
LEGO Technic 42129 4x4 Mercedes Benz Zetros Trial Truck - £137.09 - credit to @mrsandmum
LEGO DC 76240 Batman Batmobile Tumbler - £138.99 - credit to @kin88
LEGO Marvel 76218 Sanctum Sanctorum - £139.99 - credit to @mrsandmum
LEGO Technic 42143 Ferrari Daytona - £249.99 - credit to @kin88

Amazon Worldwide

From Amazon's across Europe, including .de, .fr and .es

3 for 2 mix and match on select LEGO sets - Amazon.fr - credit to @mrsandmum
LEGO Harry Potter 76389 Hogwarts Chamber of Secrets - £82.50 - Amazon.fr - credit to @mrsandmum

Smyths Toys Superstores

Smyths LEGO offers have now hit, great for their exclusive sets!

3 for 2 on selected Annuals - including LEGO - credit to @mrsandmum
Almost 40% off LEGO Harry Potter 76393 Harry Potter and Hermione Granger Buildable Figures
Smyths exclusives on offer - including Daily Bugle for £249.99


Very has brought some strong deals to the table, including the lowest price seen on a couple sets so far!

Various sets on offer - 75327 Red 5 Helmet - £34.99 / 76989 Horizon Forbidden West £55.99 - credit to @mrsandmum
LEGO Technic 42129 4x4 Mercedes-Benz Zetros - £150 - credit to @ander
LEGO Marvel 76218 Sanctum Sanctorum - £143.99 delivered - credit to @james.ballAJh

Other retailers

Offers from other retailers this Black Friday

LEGO Star Wars 75325 The Mandolorian N-1 Starfighter - £36 with code - Freemans - credit to @kin88
LEGO Technic 42107 Ducati Pantigale V4 R - £36.49 - B&M Bargains - credit to @AlvinRussell
LEGO Batman 76240 Batmobile Tumbler - £138.99 - Costco (Members only) - credit to @Chanchi32
20% off select sets including 75339 Death Star Trash Compactor - shopDisney - credit to @mrsandmum
Costco LEGO Black Friday Specials - Costco - credit to @mrsandmum
LEGO Icons 10302 Optimus Prime - £116.99 + £10 voucher - Costco - credit to @RA_786
£10 off £75 purchases on LEGO - Zavvi - credit to @lego_images
LEGO Harry Potter 76407 The Shrieking Shack - £38.99 - Costco - credit to @mrsandmum
LEGO Technic 42143 Ferrari Daytona - £236.99 + £10 voucher - Costco - credit to @mrsandmum


Expecting some deals from the supermarkets, ASDA is killing it so far with exclusives and 50% off!

LEGO Friends 41703 Friendship Treehouse - £35 @ ASDA - online only
LEGO Classic 11021 90 Years of Play - £22.50 @ ASDA - instore and online
LEGO City 60347 Supermarket - £35 + exclusive ASDA stickers @ ASDA - instore + £5 in ASDA Rewards Cashpot
Up to 40% off select LEGO sets with Clubcard @ Tesco - instore and online - credit to @mrsandmum
1/3 off select LEGO at Sainsburys from Wednesday 23rd - instore and online - credit to @AlvinRussell
25% off select LEGO at Sainsburys from Wednesday 23rd - instore and online - credit to @mrsandmum
1/3 off select LEGO at Morrisons from Saturday - instore only - credit to @sotv


Deals on retiring soon sets!

All these sets are due to retire at the end of 2022, so get them whiles you can, and why not with a cheeky discount or two. For more on retiring sets for this year see here - LEGO sets to retire at the end of 2022 | hotukdeals

LEGO Technic 42083 Bugatti Chiron - £213 @ Argos - credit to @mrsandmum
LEGO Harry Potter 76393 Harry Potter and Hermione Granger Buildable Figures - £69.99 @ Smyths
LEGO City 60347 Supermarket - £35 + exclusive ASDA stickers @ ASDA
LEGO DOTS 41952 Big Message Board - £22.89 @ Amazon - credit to @legodealsmad
LEGO Super Mario 71399 Luigi's Mansion Entryway - £20.99 @ Amazon - credit to @Frank30uk
City Henhouse / Farmers Market Truck / 501st Battle Pack - 25% @ Sainsburys - credit to @mrsandmum

Lego More details at Lego

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  1. Avatar
    As more deals get posted in the coming weeks this post will get fuller and fuller with amazing LEGO deals

    Sadly, can't link to all posts, so will be picking out hottest ones and ones which represent great savings and value.

    Also, for Supermarket deals (mainly ASDA) may show out of stock online and for that reason the post might be expired, but these deals are mostly instore too, only exception are on larger set that are sold on ASDA George such as the City Train for £75 which is unlikely to be found instore and sadly out of stock as of now. (edited)
    Thanks for this, and your superb Lego finds in recent weeks. My collection has grown considerably lately...
  2. Avatar
    Update - 10:51 21/11/22

    - LEGO Batmobile Tumber - £138.99 @ Costco
    - 1/3 off select LEGO at Morrisons from Saturday
  3. Avatar
    Update 00:19 22/11/22

    Smyths offers now live including 39% off Harry and Hermione buildable figures
    Odd Art and Harry Potter bundle at Amazon for over 50% off RRP
  4. Avatar
    Heat added, thanks @minifig290  🏻
  5. Avatar
    Also, big credit to @mrsandmum who works day and night posting amazing LEGO deals including many here
    I second this! Thank you
  6. Avatar
    Hoping for a good deal on the home alone house 🤞🏻
  7. Avatar
    I’d like to see the airbus helicopter and the ferarri Daytona drop in the next week and I’ll be going for them, my better half got the Disney castle for £239 the other day (edited)
    I picked up the Daytona a few weeks ago for £230 which I thought was a good saving .
  8. Avatar
    Ordered the Disney Castle from LEGO Shop, whiles not as good as the £239.99 from shopDisney, I missed out on it and doubt I will be able to get it on a restock. Redeemed £50 worth of Amazon vouchers on a LEGO Gift Card to use against it.

    So cost £259.99 out of pocket, plus 7% tcb (added a CMF to make sure it gets the 7% not 3%) + 10% back in VIP and 3 promos (adidas student offer + winter elves and LEGO House Tribute) Will try sell all the GWP's to hopefully end up getting the Disney Castle for less than £200 with cashback + the 10% back in VIP, so with that included about £180
    Does that 7% TCB trick really work? On the whole order? I am on the fence about the Titanic...

    Also wondering if adding the Dragon Adventure Ride will affect it, with it being a 'code'.
  9. Avatar
    Does anyone want a Hogwarts code? I picked one up yesterday but have reluctantly decided against it
    Yes please
  10. Avatar
    VIP Weekend has now started at LEGO Shop
  11. Avatar
    Hmm the lighthouse…. Do I buy or not to buy?

    Also does anyone know the best way to get topcashback to track reliably. I am finding it never tracks reliably with Lego.com
    I’ve never had issues. Always tracks. Never open another window. As soon as you click through tcb buy what you need. I usually try and do it relatively quickly and never breads back page. Never has an issue
  12. Avatar
    Thank you so much for the post. Managed to get the Loop Coaster in store and get back £86 in VIP points plus all the GWPs. The loop coaster points plus the points I’ve saved for ages meant I got Daily Bugle for £110 today as well AND another set of GWPs! Really chuffed.
  13. Avatar
    I can't believe Lego have "sold out" on the Hogwarts Express voucher, I thought the only time limit was the dates of the offer over this weekend!
    Checked for store stock and wondering whether to venture out and see if they give the 5x points and use all the points on the next big set.

    I'm disappointed the only way to get the baking set is on certain purchases which we either already have or aren't ones we are interested in. I thought originally it was a GWP with any amount of £65+
    I contacted Lego support last night if the offer would come back. Sadly not but did gift me with 3200 vip points (£20). They have confirmed the offer is valid in store for the 5x until the 28th November and if all is in stock should get the respective gifts with purchase. Sadly not the bake set though.
  14. Avatar
    Exciting potential offer for us - this is just a rumour as of now but based of what I am seeing in Australia looks likely for us

    75% off a £5 VIP voucher during Black Friday weekend - one per VIP account, so only would need to redeem 200 VIP points (which costs £25 to earn) for it instead of 800 (which costs £100 to earn)
  15. Avatar
    Excellent work minifig 👏
  16. Avatar
    Awesome post! Thank you minifig, as always!
  17. Avatar
    Big heat for the effect, however poor deals this year. Best I have managed is Ecto1 20% off (£117.59) deal on eBay. (Been debating this for a while at this price rude not to)

    The Saturn V is £104.99 @ Amazon. Currently being built on the dining room table. (edited)
    To be fair, Black Friday is next week so still got time to shine. I expect and hope Argos to be a big winner as with last year.

    LEGO VIP Weekend starts tonight
    LEGO Black Friday starts next Friday
    Argos's LEGO deals for Black Friday should be late Thursday or Friday

    Many retailers yet to even start their offers, be patient and hopefully they will come.
  18. Avatar
    Great post minifig!

    Heat 🔥
  19. Avatar
    All Friday's matter
  20. Avatar
    Nice. Appreciate that @minifig290
  21. Avatar
    I am waiting for some decent deal on Ferrari Daytona...
    Exchange 100 VIP points for £75 off at lego tonight at midnight. X2 VIP points too for each purchase
  22. Avatar
    Thanks for info again.
  23. Avatar
    Titanic is back in stock. Not a deal but been waiting ages for it to turn up again. Get almost 10k vip points and the free gifts. Either you wait for a possible BF deal or Jump now and risk it not selling out. Tough one....
    It does look to me the way that they are indicating that it will be part of BF deal next week, just impossible to know which will be a better deal. I guess it’s possible to order and return it if it is a better offer. Same with the home alone house, hard to say if it will be worth it.
  24. Avatar
    On the lookout for Jabba's throne room (boba fett) for something around the 50 quid mark. Best so far has been £55 - hope something appears 🤞
  25. Avatar
    Thanks minifig, can’t be around much at the mo, so this is great
  26. Avatar
    Thanks Minifig, some great work here - thanks
  27. Avatar
    Heat for the astounding work. Well done.
  28. Avatar
    It’s a long shot but did anyone get a discount code for the Hogwarts express on Lego but they’ve changed their mind. 
  29. Avatar
    Got the £5 cash app
    On the city supermarket at Asda plus 10% blue light - equivalent of £26.50
  30. Avatar
    Hoping for a better deal on titanic🤞🏽 (edited)
  31. Avatar
    Best deal for the flowers bouquet? 💐 TIA
    I expect some discounts on this one for sure
  32. Avatar
    Update 11:30 22/11/22

    More Amazon discounts - Mercedes Zetros over 50% off / City Passenger Train 44% off / Batmobile Tumbler matching Costco
    20% off sets at shopDisney including Trash Compactor and Elsa's Ice Castle
    25% off selected sets at Sainsburys including 501st Battle Pack (edited)
  33. Avatar
    Update - 23/11/22 - 21:59

    Daytona £250 at Amazon matching Very
    DOTS Big Message Board - over 50% off at £14.49
    Potter Advent £15 at Argos as well
    Costco Special - Shrieking Shack - £39
  34. Avatar
    Fair play my bank balance will not thank you but fair play!!
  35. Avatar
    Awesome,thanks lego!You've gone all out in reducing all the sets you have.(sarcasm) I don't need to spend anything here this year!!My wallet thanks you ❤️
  36. Avatar
    Did I need another Bugatti? No. Did I buy another Bugatti? My bank balance thanks HUKD
  37. Avatar
    Anybody know if the Campervan is Exclusive to the Lego Store?
    No JL have it I think, I picked one up from
  38. Avatar
    Argos no longer showing on my blue light card, anyone else having this issue
  39. Avatar
    Any Lego dots deals so far?
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