Black Friday Deal! Mac Allister 470 W 400mm Corded Hedge Trimmer - Half price at only £15 from B&Q!

Black Friday Deal! Mac Allister 470 W 400mm Corded Hedge Trimmer - Half price at only £15 from B&Q!

Found 25th Nov 2017
Discount applied at checkout. Hurry, offer ends Sunday 26th November. Subject to availability

This is an online only deal - Not in store!

Free Click & Collect or £5 for delivery.


This Mac Allister MHTP470 Corded Hedge trimmer is .

  • Blade length (mm) - 400 mm
  • Power output - 470 W
  • Guarantee - 2 years

Features and Benefits

Features a 40cm actual cutting length blade and a powerful 470W motor

  • Stamping blades with aluminium bar for a smooth and clean cut
  • Blade tip protector and hole. Keeps the

    moving blades away from obstacles and allows you to hang the tool on the

    wall when not in use
  • Electronic and quick stop blade brake
  • Safety guard for user protection
  • Soft grip for main handle. With transparent blade sheath

Technical Specifications

Blade length (mm)


Cable length (mm)




Handle type


Power output




Weight (g)

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Seems like a bargain. I need one and dont want to spend too much on this type of thing. Ordered.
As above will do fine in the shed till next summer.3% TCB. As well.
Edited by: "sandstone1" 25th Nov 2017
Yeah, when you go to checkout it says it's not available.
merb07863 m ago


Still showing stock for can click and collect too
'We don't have this product' at checkout on click and collect.
Showing 'no product'. for delivery or collection
Plenty of stock near me in Milton Keynes!


Edited by: "birdyboyuk" 25th Nov 2017
Same here, says in stock locally but when you get to checkout not available for Collection or Home Delivery.
I'm in Northern Ireland, so not sure if that's making a difference.

Went for this deal instead.
Bosch Electric Hedge Trimmer £26.99 for the next 24 hours! @ Amazon
Edited by: "peteclarkez" 25th Nov 2017
40cm is quite a short cutting blade. Bear this in mind if your hedge is wide/tall.
Ordered just now. Seems to be in stock
Corded? Just an accident waiting to happen
mincemaster5 h, 10 m ago

Yeah, when you go to checkout it says it's not available.

I get this all the time when trying to reserve a product from B&Q, their service is awful. Product status shows instock at all my local B&Q stores, but when you go to checkout the product shows unavailable.

Product is out of stock for home delivery as well.
Edited by: "Da11as" 25th Nov 2017
B&Q are terrible for stock availability updates and their website is shocking.
I got one of these last year- great kit, can cut through some pretty thick branches and demolishes my conifers and bushes.
can you get extension pole to this or is extension avail only too cordless?
Good job they sound like pigs cos I just ordered one off amazon for 27.99 n tried to cancel.
This is an awesome hedge trimmer! It gets through thicker branches with ease. I wish it was cordless.
It seems it has sold out

But now t's back, unless on my mobile doesn't work but laptop does
Edited by: "veni_vidi_emere" 26th Nov 2017
B &Q website is diabolical just like their stock take system, where all the stock appears to be taken by the time you get to the store.
Surprisingly they are owned by the same people who own Screwfix, whose website and click and collect is second to none!
Stupid f'ing website. Get to final page to to pay and it says remove or save for later. WHY DON'T THEY JUST SAY OOS
Crap website, crap product
Why isn't this expired?
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