Black Friday Film only 0.50p (£2.00 with delivery) @ CEX

Black Friday Film only 0.50p (£2.00 with delivery) @ CEX

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Found 20th Nov 2017
Gary Daniels stars as Dean Campbell in this tense action film. A former military leader who is now a lawyer and family man, Campbell returns home one day to find that his family is being held hostage by nuclear terrorists. The government agency in charge, called the CCO (Central Chemical Operations), wants Campbell to help them by providing the necessary information to infiltrate his custom-built mansion. But Campbell doesn't trust the government, and when his suspicions are confirmed the CCO had planned to bomb the terrorists along with his house and family Campbell decides to take matters into his own hands.
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Bit cheaper at amazon…day
But I like your thinking.
Haa, I have to add heat
Wongy11034 m ago

Bit cheaper at …Bit cheaper at amazon I like your thinking.

Omg I have been fleeced!

The review isnt great…s=1
Yeah might give that a miss lol…53/
Wongy1103 m ago

Yeah might give that a miss lol

"The box cover for Black Friday shows Gary Daniels holding a sword, but he never uses a sword in the entire film. In fact, a sword never appears in the film at all."
It is called 'artistic licence' probabaly got a few points on that
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