Black Hawk Down (Special Edition) (Three Discs) - £1.99 Delivered @ Base

Black Hawk Down (Special Edition) (Three Discs) - £1.99 Delivered @ Base

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Found 27th Nov 2011
Bargain for this HMV selling over £5

"Black Hawk Down" is director Ridley Scott’s account of the true events of 1993 when a combined force of elite US Rangers and Delta Forces took part in a mission to capture Somali warlord Mohamed Farrah Aidid in the city of Magadishu. However the mission – which was planned to last no longer than an hour – went disastrously wrong, with Black Hawk Helicopters brought down by the local militia, and US troops scattered across the city.
In these post September 11 times its not hard to imagine the great unwashed of the US taking this spectacular tale of heroic US troops under fire to their hearts. Although the movie can only benefit from the upsurge in patriotism apparently swamping the US of A, its worth pointing out that this film doesn’t flinch from the fact that it is about a humiliating military failure, not a success. Once the mission is underway Scott uses all his impressive film making skills to bring the brutality of modern warfare to the screen in graphic, stomach churning detail, as the likes of "Pearl Harbor" star Josh Hartnett, Scotland’s own Ewan MaCregor & Ewan Bremner, and "Private Ryan" veteran Tom Sizemore face up to the constant threat of death.
Although the film has been criticised for failing to even attempt to present the opposing militia forces as anything but rampaging bad guys, the decision to tell the story almost exclusively from the point of view of the US troops involved in the conflict works well. For two hours you are drawn into these soldiers’ personal, relentless war, and by the time the credits roll you will leave the cinema exhausted and overwhelmed, with the fervent wish that no one you know ever has to experience something like this.

Audio Commentaries x 3 Featuring: Director Ridley Scott, Producer Jerry Bruckheimer And Many More
8 x Deleted/Alternate Scenes
6 x 'Essence Of Combat' Featurettes
7 x 'Image And Design' Featurettes Including Jerry Bruckheimer's On-Set Photography
'Ambush In Mogadishu' Documentary
'The True Story Of Black Hawk Down' Documentary
10 x TV Spots
Music Video
Theatrical Trailer
Multi Angle Featurette
Photo Gallery
3 x Interviews (Incl. Q&A At The BAFTAs)
Filmmakers' And Cast Biographies
Widescreen 2.35:1 Anamorphic
Dolby Digital 5.1
Languages- English
Subtitles- English, Dutch, Hindi
Region 2/PAL/Colour
Running Time 138 Minutes
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Cheap and cheerful.

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