Black Jivo Sound Isolating Earphones £6.99 @ Play

Black Jivo Sound Isolating Earphones £6.99 @ Play

Found 12th Feb 2008
The stylish Jivo in-ear sound isolating headphones are perfect for listening to your music. Take them anywhere in their protective case. Use them with your MP3 player, CD, DVD, computer or device with 3.5mm headphone jack.


* Isolates surrounding noises
* Excellent stereo-sound
* Includes 3 pairs of ear-fit tips
* Perfect for use with MP3 players, CD, DVD,portable games and computers with 3.5mm headphone jack
* Hard case to protect and carry earphones
* Impedance: 32 + 10%.Sensitivity
* Dimensions: (LxWxT): 196 x 98 x 20mm
* Warranty: 1 year

Although it states 1 year warranty on the website, on the packaging it states 2


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go through ]Quidco too for 4% cashback


Do they work on ipods and are they any good?

How good they are depend on what you are comparing them to. If you normally use the headphones that come with the ipod then yes, I reckon they will be an improvement. If you normally use a pair of Shures then they are going to be terrible.

Another factor is if you like putting earphones into your ear canal. They don't go super deep but they go deeper than the out of the box pair you get with ipods.

I don't own a pair of these, I'm just giving some general advice about these types of in-ear headphones.
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