Black Label Argentine Beef Sirloin (Rioplatense) 4kg £79..95 @ Tom Hixson of Smithfield (P&P £15.00)

Black Label Argentine Beef Sirloin (Rioplatense) 4kg £79..95 @ Tom Hixson of Smithfield (P&P £15.00)

Posted 23rd May
Due to restaurants being closed theres some good prices for meat .

4kg Sirloin. You can cut it to steak sizes of your choice.

If you sign up to their newsletter you get £15 off your first order bringing this down to £65. (£15 postage still required)

If you cut an average size of 350g steaks that would give you around 12 steaks from this 4kg piece. At a cost of around £5 a steak. Not bad for top quality
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Looks like this may need to be cooked for quite a bit longer coz it's going cold 😁. I don't know anything about steak, so can't vote on it myself
Any steak connoisseurs?
£20kg is hardly a deal 🥶
I've had black angus before and it is decent, nice and tasty but... No idea what their quality is like and £20 a kg?

I can get steak I've had before and know will be decent for less than this.
Cheaper before brexit
AmazonAnswer23/05/2020 10:09

Any steak connoisseurs?

I think that's what we need.

I've always thought the quality of a steak comes as much from its butchering as from its pedigree.

I would guess these people know their art and would cut these joints well.

I have to say their Wagyu Tomahawk for £175 would be attractive.....if......
hoppo723/05/2020 10:24

£20kg is hardly a deal 🥶

I used to pay £50 a Kg 20 years ago to have it imported from Argentina. If quality is good is well worth the price.
I never tried the Japanese stuff (Kobe, Iga, Ohmi, etc) but imho Argentinean and Brazilian beef is best beef quality I ever had
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