Black Leather Computer Chair Only £24.99 Delivered @ PC World !!!!

Black Leather Computer Chair Only £24.99 Delivered @ PC World !!!!

Found 26th Nov 2008
Thought was a very good price for a leather hight adjustable chair. Average rating at reevoo gives it an 8/10. Only negative it seems is that its not the widest of chairs so not for the larger person. For £24.99 delivered you cant go wrong!!
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Quite possibly the cheapest most uncomfortable chair I ever sat in. After assembly I was so disgusted with it I took it back to the store and threw it at them.
This is a bit of a dodgy chair. One of my friends who works at PC World was saying that you can very easily fall off of it. For eg, one day he was sitting on the chair and as he was leaning forward at full stretch trying to reach for something, the chair tipped over forwards very easily and he had abit of a nasty accident. So did many of his staff members. So buy at your own risk i guess. Courtster you are right also, my friend was saying that the chair is uncomfy.

I bought one similar design to this one ages ago from PC World, but mine is abit bigger and much more comfortable, going by what my friend has said about my chair. I haven't had any issues with mine.
We got something simular from Morrisons for £15. But it's comfy...
That seems very cheap bet its uncomfortable. But good if you dont use it much.
The last computer chair I had lasted me 5 years and cost me £100, so when I thought it needed replacing I bought one of these, the adjusting mechanism broke within a couple of weeks. To me its ideally suited for a teenager or an extrememly light and small framed adult.

Waste of money IMO, I put another £50 on to the price I paid and bought a better quality and more robust chair. Wasnt a bargain as such but at least I know it will last me a few years rather than paying out £30 a time for these every few months....:thumbsup:
In the end I went to an office surplus place and bough a second user 'operators chair' that retails around £300 for £30 - I can sit in it for hours non-stop, it's brilliant.
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