Black Ops 2 £19.99, Modern Warfare 3 £15.99 @ Playstation Store
Sure not the cheapest, but if you are into digital only, then its a decent price.

Cheaper if you buy a PSN card from CDKeys aswell and purchase it that way.


Colder than Susan Boyle in the Arctic.

lolwut This isn't a deal, BO2 can easily be bought for £5-10 now, MW3 is usually only £5 these days too.

Some guy commented on Sony's blog post on this, saying he bought every COD title immaculately reconditioned for £24 in total.

Spend your PSN credit on something else, not this

Clearly not a good deal, cold.

What a rip off.


What a dumb mofo thinking this is a good deal

Colder then ...................... God damn it this is just cold cold cold cold did I mention cold
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