Black ops 2 £32.99 (Xbox 360) @ Game

Black ops 2 £32.99 (Xbox 360) @ Game

£32.99GAME Deals

cold just for being lazy

Aint it beenthat price for 2 weeks...

Probably drop to £15 a week before Christmas.

Lol I brought for 24 quid and this is hot plus 16?

What is going on with hot deals, nobody can be bothered to vote cold!

And been posted many times before but there is not report function on the app I can find

This is currently the cheapest with nuketown, if you found it a week ago for cheaper congrats bruv! ** clap clap **

Thanks OP good spot

He also means that it was posted repeatedly for the last week. So there you go 'bruv'

I am looking for this cheaper. all previous CODs I have brought for 20 odd quid , don't want to pay more out of principle.

Just bought one from local Tesco with Nuketown maps for £32.

yep also £32 at my tesco as well

Posted 2 days ago. Good in store deal tho.
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