Black padded folding chair @ Homebase - £4.99

Black padded folding chair @ Homebase - £4.99

Found 6th Dec 2014
I bought 4 of these chairs to accommodate extra guests coming for Christmas dinner. They seem pretty good and for £4.99 you can't go wrong.
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Great find - ideal for an extra seat
Have one that I paid £6 for - just don't put grandma on it at Xmas dinner- tinsy bit wobbly if you lean over while sitting. still hot at this price
good price but the pvc on the seat and back rip quite easily, otherwise we've had ours for over three years and its school going strong, but have the admit that yes they are wobbly!
Emergency chairs
perfect for a TLC match
Perfect for WWF
I had a chair like this for a few years. Great price, however after about 30 mins you can't feel your behind anymore. Rather uncomfortable.
Good extra seat, excellent price.

Perfect for WWF

World Wildlife Fund?

You only about a decade out of touch!
I've owned these types of cheap folding chairs before.

My personal experience is they don't last very long at all and I've gotten better value spending a bit more on something sturdier.
threw one away at the tip today. The rivet broke. Ok for the odd use.
Use these at home all the time for wrestling matches with the kids. Heat added
Great for emergencies when too many guests arrive at the same time ( after 30 mins they will get up, rub their behinds and leave)
Cheap metal connections makes this IMO a poor chair. I brought mine back and the lady said they have had alot of these returned
4 pounds at ikea last time i was there
Rubbish quality as they break very easily. If you intend to get a lot of use out of one of these chairs I would spend a little more for a better quality one.
Are you still having the chairs?if yes,please met me know.Thank you
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