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Black Plastic Bucket 14.5L - £1.39 + free click & collect @Toolstation

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Made from durable plastic, this multipurpose bucket is ideal for all your liquid containment needs. The black colour makes it suitable for mixing plaster or mortar, as it lets the liquid stand out against the background. This allows you to accurately gauge the consistency. Plus, its flat cornered bottom keeps the bucket firmly grounded, preventing it from getting blown or knocked over easily.

The bucket has a pouring lip so you can get a smooth stream of liquid as you empty it out. A sturdy metal handle reduces the weight of the load in your hand and can fold to the side for easy storage. The handle also provides a comfortable grip so you can hold it without feeling it dig into your hand. The bucket's thin, lightweight design ensures you don't carry extra weight on top of the load.

• General purpose plastic bucket

• Pouring lip

• Sturdy metal handle with comfortable grip

• 14.5L of carrying capacity
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    £1 B&M
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    Why is this a deal when this used to be 99p
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    £1 at b and q
    Is this price Nationwide? £11 online
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    Cold . £1.10 in b&q
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    Good indicator of the cost of living increase. Used to be 99p now £1.39. Supermarkets have been increasing everything across the board since end of lock down.
    Most of the Poundshop stuff is now more than a Pound.
    So an easy indicator of 39% inflation.

    Pretty representative of what I've observed across the board. But our beloved gov would have us believe it's only circa 10%. Muppets!
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    Less than 10 pence a liter, hot!
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    Pretty thin buckets, but for the price pretty reasonable.
    Bought 3, one for ketchup, one for mustard and finally for mayo.
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    Thanks. Think I'll get a couple of these, ideal for washing car & general tasks.
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    Finally I'll be able to make love to my wife again
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    Finally. I can cross this off my bucket list!
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    £1.20 in Wickes
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    Seems to be loads of buckets that are not flat bottomed which is a right pain if used for mixing.
    Bought one of these (Toolstation) a few weeks ago and it is flat bottomed.
    Unless they have changed supplier.

    Wickes ones are not flat bottomed for the last 3 months.
    The ridged bottom traps material causing lumps in mix
    Washing a car its not an issue (edited)
    The ones I bought from Wickes a few weeks ago weren't flat bottomed. The ones I bought today were but they did have a mixture of the two so I made sure I picked the flat bottomed ones.
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    Have you picked up the new toolstation catalogue today or something?
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    Had 3 of these before. So weak. Literally fall apart. Ok for storing a bit of sand or some seeds or similar, don’t take weight well. Was using 1 to tip water into mixer and under the weight of the water cracked in half and my feet soaked