black sheep ale and cheese set £2.50 ASDA

black sheep ale and cheese set £2.50 ASDA

Found 4th JanMade hot 4th Jan
Two bottles of ale, 200g cheese and a pot of mercers chutney. Was 10 now 2.50. Asda. Also 400g mature cheddar was £5 now 88p. loads of other cheese reductions. these are national. Price changes came through this morning. Enjoy.



I suppose you could always throw the cheese and chutney away.

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I've frozen the cheese. the beer is in the shed. got 10 plenty left in my store. they also have massive Stilton wheels at £1 from £5 , Stilton in a ceramic pot £1 from £4, wensleydale and cake 75p from £5, baking camembert at £1 from £5. mini wax cheeses at 25p, wine and cheese ( full bottle) £5 from £10 and pate at 75p from £3. hopefully everyone grabs a bargain.

There is also reduced Castello Creamy Blue 300g £0.50, Extra special St Endellion Cornish brie 500g £0.75, Extra Special Blue Stilton 454g £0.75.


these are national.


I don't like black ale or sheep's cheese unfortunately.

Not national. My Asda has none of this. Nuffink.

Cheese was £1.75 today in Cheltenham store

Cheeses r so gg Cheap, post xmas offers atm. Ive tried the Cornish St Endellion Brie, as it won some awards, as did q a few Asda cheeses (google this)..but I didnt think much of it tbh ...

Deffo good deal as the bottles are usually £1.50 or so each.
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