Black SHURE E2G Gaming headphones - half RRP on - £34.99

Black SHURE E2G Gaming headphones - half RRP on - £34.99

Found 11th Jan 2007
Good deal on the black gaming version of these decent earphones. £34.99 incl super saver delivery. Also the white E3c for £69.99 is a good deal.
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Thanks M-X

What is the RRP ?
The RRP (going on store prices I've seen and which is usually a good indication) is £69.99. :thumbsup:

I went for the E3c as I want them for monitoring purposes, and I think they are a bit more accurate. Any users out there able to comment? Thanks
Thanks M-X
I got the E2c for Xmas. They rock. Whats the difference in the c`s and the g`s? The g`s for gaming? Anyone know how they differ?
gaming headphones ,gaming bloody headphones,whats all that about?
The Shure "G" series are technically identical to the "C" range and sound identical according to most reports. The difference is the colour (black) and the cord length which is slightly shorter but still long enough for the average ipod in pocket situation.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks for this Also the extra info M-X
My c`s are black so the only difference is the length of cable then I guess.
I've also got the E2c's and I think they are fantastic. This a a great price!
[COLOR=darkred]Manufacturer's Description[/COLOR]
Shure's E2c in-ear headphones are tiny, lightweight, and designed to sonically outperform most ear-bud-style headphones. The E2c's unique, relatively affordable design comes from Shure's years of collaborating with professional musicians. With high-energy drivers in distinctive enclosures, the E2c produces high-quality sound with excellent isolation from background noise.
The E2c's speakers are constructed with studio-grade components, producing exceptional audio clarity. Their in-ear design, using supplied flex sleeves, naturally blocks background noise. This permits lower listening volumes in loud environments--critical in safeguarding your hearing during performance or other activities. No batteries or extra equipment are needed for sound isolation. Because every ear is different, E2c earphones come with 3 pairs (small, medium, large) of flex sleeves and 3 pairs (small, medium, large) ultra-soft flex sleeves to ensure a personalized fit. These disposable foam sleeves gently compress to fit in the ear canal. Once in the ear, the foam expands to form a tight seal. Once tightly sealed, the sleeves hold the earphones firmly in place. The E2c's cables pass behind the ear--out of sight and out of the way for comfort and discretion. Weighing only 1 ounce, the E2c is lightweight and comfortable enough for any portable listening application. The set comes with a soft, stylish, compact, and zippered carrying case, which allows for an easy, tangle-free way to store your earphones.
The dogs dangly bits!
Hard to resist a this price - thanks for posting
I've had the E2G's for some time now, they are very good indeed, and in some respects better than some noise cancelling headphones on flights.

At the Amazon price, this is indeed a good deal. I bought mine for $89+Tax in the US, which at the time came in around £55.
anyone know how these compare with the 6i Isolator Earphones by Etymotic Research. I chose those over the shure's last year, and the price of the shure's are now I could have them both, but if the ones I currently have are better, I'd not bother.
Reading the Amazon customer reviews these don't seem so good, breaks in cable etc

Whats Amazons returns policy if I order these and I don't like them - earphones don't seem to fit in my ears they fall out when I'm walking:-(
So you cant find any of the 9 sets of inserts that keep the earphones in your ears? And Shure offer a 2 year warranty so if they do break they will fix or repair FOC. Cant ask for more than that.

I have some and they are awesome!
I do not have these earphones.

I was saying that in general earphones do not tend to stay in my ears. I was also asking what was Amazons returns policy if I did not like these earphones.

Anyway sod it I'll take a punt and order these:)
I got these earphones today. I think the bass is terrible plus the background noise isolation is not upto much

Has anyone recieved theirs?


Can someone else post their opinions on these earphones, as I'm sure mine must be faulty due to the lack of bass. The sound is really tinny even when I turn up the bass on my ipod, when I use my standard earphones the sound is fine, the fit is awful though...
Sounds like they are blown.

My Sony Ex71's were stupidly tinny, and couldn't get any sort of bass on them. Returned them and they were faulty. Sounds like they are defaintely broken.
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