Black Tower Rose 3 for £10 so £3.33 each @ Asda

Black Tower Rose 3 for £10 so £3.33 each @ Asda

Found 9th Apr 2012
Delicious medium sweet Rose at a bargain price. Mine and the girlfriend's favourite pink wine; very, very drinkable.

70cl and the alcohol strength varies; have bought 24 bottles in the last week and while most alcohol is 10.0%, some are 10.5%. :-)
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Have you drunk all 24 yet though ? Nice price though ! Heat added...
Great price and heat added...but it's just sickly sweet and doesn't really have a nice taste IMO.

Used to drink it at Uni - think that says it all!
I love this wine. HOT
Pity it's not on the Rivaner.... I'd have stocked up for the summer (very easy drinking.......)
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