Black Tower Rose 75Cl £2.99 at home bargains

Black Tower Rose 75Cl £2.99 at home bargains

Found 12th Feb 2013
gorgeous rose wine, only £2.99 in home bargains. i havent seen them sell the big bottles in there before.

averages around £6 everywhere else. just checked the tesco website and it is £5.69
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That's nice wine imo
Too sweet for me, but still a bargain - heat added!

Only 5.5%
•Black Tower Rosé (Case of 6)
•750ml Bottle
•Equivalent price: £2.99 per bottle, RRP £5.99
•Alc. 5.5% vol

my store was selling them as individual bottles
5.5%? Is that even classes as a wine?!
You'd put on 20lb and catch diabetes before it got you drunk.
black tower is just sugar its worse than desert wine, its to help wash down your lambrini....
This is my favourite wine but we don't have a Home Bargains on the Isle of Wight.:(
my favourite wine... heat from mw
not enough alcohol content for me

you are confusing this with black tower normal rose which is available at asda tesco etc for around £4 this is only half strength and sells at £3.45 top price. home bargains have sold this for at least 6 months now
Had a look in my local last weekend. They didn't sell the £5.68 ish elsewhere version. Just 'B' by Black Tower at £2.99 which is around £3 elsewhere anyway. Still thanks to OP, as next time they may just spot a really good deal
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