"Blackadder": The Whole Damn Dynasty - £3.99 @ PLAY

"Blackadder": The Whole Damn Dynasty - £3.99 @ PLAY

Found 24th Aug 2010
'Here, at last, is the paperback of THE bestselling humour book of 1998. From medieval nastiness, through Elizabethan and Regency glory, to the mud and sauteed rats of the First World War, Edmund Blackadder and his despicable catamite Baldrick have ruined England's reputation as a country with a great history. For the first time in paperback publishing history, the full scripts of their adventures and misadventures are found here, together with revelations of further filthier Blackadders, and some rather unpleasant facts about Baldrick.'

Amazon at 3.99 also but no Quidco.

May not be some peoples idea of a read but cheap.


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From a review 'This is a script-based book of all the four Blackadder series', not including the newest Millennium edition. The presentation, layout, illustrations and 'the other bits' are very good, and also very funny. The book also links the four historical periods and tells us what happened to the main characters after each series ended. It has almost been turned into a historically interesting novel, with the scripts woven in. There is also a cast list and synopsis for each series/play. The appendix's, which can be found throughout the book, includes very funny accounts of instruments of torture, medieval medicines, the Mrs Miggins' Coffee House Tariff, Duties of... Clothes bills, Passage from Dr. Johnson's Dictionary, Baldrick's family tree, Baldrick's school, Index of Blackadder's finest insult etc...'


"With those little chocolatey bits on top..."
(the 'cappuchino' in Blackadder Goes Forth)

Brilliant - thanks!

Never knew about this book - looks great.

(also same price on Amazon for any Playphobes on here!)

hot thanks

Back up to £11.99 now, just missed it!

Bah, me too

The Doctor

Back up to £11.99 now, just missed it!

Amazon third parties have got this for a penny plus 2.75 postage if anyone is interested
I do this all the time for books, it works really well


"With those little chocolatey bits on top..."(the 'cappuchino' in … "With those little chocolatey bits on top..."(the 'cappuchino' in Blackadder Goes Forth)

I'll see what I can rustle up !!!!

absolute quality
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