Blackberry 8520 Contract Deals @ OneStopPhoneShop

Blackberry 8520 Contract Deals @ OneStopPhoneShop

Found 6th Jul 2010
Hi Guys, saw this whilst trying to look for a new phone to replace my four year old sony w810i. Still unsure whether HTC is better than Blackberry I stumbled Across these deals. The contracts are so cheap because of REDEMPTION so don't forget to re-claim your money!

24 Month - Orange
100 Mins & Unlimited Texts
Effectively £8.12 p/m (Usually £20)

24 Month - 02
600 Mins & Unlimited Texts
Effectively £14.83 p/m (Usually £30)

There's a few other good deals as well so it's worth checking! As far as I know these contracts also come with free internet (upto 500mb) and free push messages.


It would be helpful to know what the real cost that we have to pay the dealer is, as we do have to pay out this money, and it's what we're legally contracted to do, rather than a potential cost, after getting cashback. I'm not clicking links to check it out, due to cookies etc that will be left on my pc, thus is the poster included such details it would make the purchase and commitment easy to understand, see whether it's affordable, as we have to pay them this full amount of rental etc, and it would be fully transparent.

^^^ got to agree whole heartedly with this ^^^

Thanks, this shows the actual monthly rental now, which is good. Thank you very much.

The redemption part is always tricky and every company has different methods for you to redeem the money. Mostly it is for them to avoid giving out the money stating the fine print. Best advice to stay away from such deals. I had few friends who bought such phones and when they sent bills for redeeming the company wrote you need to send 3 months bill at same time. Next time when he did they told him that it needs to reach them before a particular date and they are not responsible for late submissions. Think of it this way; if they wanted to hand you the money why would they tell you to redeem it rather than give you a discount in first place.

One practical advice: Have you heard any of your friends redeeming the money?
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