Blackberry 8520 Curve T-Mobile Pre Pay Mobile Phone, £169.99 @

Blackberry 8520 Curve T-Mobile Pre Pay Mobile Phone, £169.99 @

Found 21st Dec 2009
Pre-order. | Due for release on 31/01/2010
Great price - best on the web. If the price falls elsewhere by that time, you can always cancel your order!

Amazon £201 [although unlocked]

Dedicated Media Keys:
Control music and multimedia with dedicated media keys found atop the new BlackBerry Curve 8520 smartphone. Skip over songs, pause music to talk, or repeat your favourites over and over.. You can even mute phone calls with the easy-access mute button.

Trackpad Navigation:
Access what's important with trackpad navigation. Like a laptop, the trackpad lets you scroll through menus, icons and info by gliding your finger over it. Press and click to select an item and navigate to where you want to go.

Slim, Simplified Design:
The BlackBerry Curve 8520 smartphone neatly fits in your hand. A full QWERTY keyboard makes typing and sending messages easy,and comfortable. The bright screen displays over 65,000 colours, providing a great viewing experience.

Connect With BlackBerry App World:
Discover a world of possibilities and apps for the BlackBerry Curve 8520 smartphone at BlackBerry App World. Get breaking news, and the latest scores. Track the markets, stay on top of Hollywood gossip, enjoy live radio or just play games

Easy Media Sharing:
Take photos or videos4 and upload them to photo sharing apps like Flickr Uploader2, 3 or social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace . Send them to friends with MMS2, 3 messages, BlackBerry Messenger or other instant messaging apps.

Out Of The Box Mac Compatibility:
The BlackBerry Curve 8520 smartphone is compatible with Apple computers right out of the box. Sync contacts, calendars, and notes with applications you use most. Use BlackBerry Desktop Software to enjoy an Apple computer experience on your BlackBerry smartphone.


Can you even use half of the Blackberry features when it's on PAYG?

Yep, you can use all of the features on PAYG. Well, I can on Orange. Not sure about T-mobile. On Orange, you just buy a £5 a month data pack which takes care of the internet and email and Blackberry apps downloading. I love this phone.

I use an unlocked 8800 on Orange payg and have access to all it's features, free internet access, text's etc on the calling plan. Nothing is blocked or missing!

Bargain for £5 a month!!

Voted Hot.
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