Blackberry black friday event

Blackberry black friday event



who seriously buys Blackberry phones anymore?
blackberry priv is a nice phone.
This is the big black friday event I just know everyone has been waiting for.

Get in quick before the website crashes due to the demamd

blackberry priv is a nice phone.

Brilliant phone- i love that physical keyboard. I am watching it and hoping it comes down in price
That's no Black Friday event... Crap

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I see the priv is not involved in Black Friday deals. Typical blackberry
Shame, also interested in the Priv but too pricey at the moment.
I love Blackberry phones but this is a "Black Friday" sale. They should have dropped the Priv to £399.99 for one day, I'd have probably picked one up at that price. As hulk said, too pricey!
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