Blackberry Curve 8520 £10.83 600mins 500txt + Email/Internet @

Blackberry Curve 8520 £10.83 600mins 500txt + Email/Internet @

Found 20th Apr 2010
This is a good deal if you go via quidco and cash back via redemption.

I've been doing redemption deals for ever and never once had an issue, can't comment on but if you follow some simple rules when claiming cash back, you can't go wrong. Anyway here is the deal.

600mins, 500 txt, Blackberry email & unlimited data*

11 months line rental free via redemption, £35/month + quidco £50

so that's

£35 x 7 = £245 - £50 = £195 over 18 months £10.83 per month!!!!

You can get the hand set for about £160 PAYG so for an extra £35 you can have 18 months worth of calls/txt/ data not to be sniffed at.

If anyone can find a similar deal on 12/18 month contract for the Bold 9700 let me know, the 8520 is for the Mrs



That is a great deal thanks for posting it.I think are part of CPW group so shouldnt be a problem with the cashback

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thanks for the comment last time I posted a deal I got fired down so was reluctant to post this however it was too good not to share.

im still waiting for my validated from quidco since July 2009 !!!!!

T-Mobile. NO!

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whats wrong with tmobile?


im still waiting for my validated from quidco since July … im still waiting for my validated from quidco since July 2009 !!!!!

oh dear, I've had similar issues with mobile purchases not tracking, and quidco being minimally 'helpful'

Not voting, if you jump through the hoops, it all does well etc, it seems reasonable. But, if these companies are serious about giving me the cash, it would be automatic - if they make it hard, it's for a reason, such as not paying it to everyone

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it's not hard you just have to post you bill in certain months to them, send it recorded and you can't go wrong, place a diary entry in your new blackberry so you don't forget to send on specific months

They make you jump through hoops in the hoe you forget this is why they can offer the deal.

This is now 12 months free line rental so works out to be £8.88/month, not bad really.

Btw, what's wrong with Tmobile, I've had it for years and seems to do the job, only place where it doesn't work is in Sainsburys!
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