BlackBerry Curve 9300 £10 a month for virgin media customers - 3G Virgin Mobile + Quidco
BlackBerry Curve 9300 £10 a month for virgin media customers - 3G Virgin Mobile + Quidco

BlackBerry Curve 9300 £10 a month for virgin media customers - 3G Virgin Mobile + Quidco

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Only £10 a Month for virgin media customers!

Your tariff gives you:
Unlimited minutes to other virgin mobiles
50 minutes
250 Texts
Unlimited Web Access

Unlimited BlackBerry® Messenger and Mail
2 Megapixel camera
Built-in GPS and Wi-Fi
Trackpad and dedicated media keys
3.5mm stereo headset capable
Expandable memory
Buy today and get:

1 month's free phone insurance. Cover your Virgin Pay Monthly mobile, and the first month is on us. After that, its just £5.99 a month.

Up to £100 free airtime! Just trade in your old mobile after you've bought your new handset.

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Check out the Terms & conditions for these offers.

You can use the airtime in your package to make calls and send texts from within the UK to most UK mobile networks, at any time (currently excludes calls to Lyca Mobile, Truphone, Mundio, HAY Systems, TG Support and Cable & Wireless). Landlines are included too (thats numbers beginning with 01, 02 & 03). Calls to call forwarding services, 070, 08 and 09 numbers and some other numbers are not included in your monthly allowance.
Just so you know, all of our unlimited tariffs are subject to fair use policies.

Some folk woud pay this for a sim only with unlimited Internet!

Also this is a 24month Contract

Non virgin customers pay £12 a month same deal virginmobile.com/vm/…174
- sconto


I can't see it??
even on £12 a month the phone is £199.99
can't see it for a tenner anywhere


I can't see it??even on £12 a month the phone is £199.99can't see it for a … I can't see it??even on £12 a month the phone is £199.99can't see it for a tenner anywhere

He may be a Virgin Media customer and received an email with the special offer. I had a similar one last week but it was for the Blackberry 8520 @ £10 a month.

Wish i was a Virginmedia customer now


Wish i was a Virginmedia customer now

I doubt that you'd get the quidco in that case - those usually only go to new customers

found this yesterday night..thought it may be some website glitch...HOT for sure !!!!

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Is it then web only or actually a system bug ??

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They guy on the phone said its because there is a shortage of the cheaper blackberry, so they are offering this for the same price for a few days

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£30 quidco just tracked, HOT!!!!!!

Ok I was wrong, it is indeed £10, major hot.

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@ jb66, so you have got confirmation that they will honour this deal..though appears only if you go from their site

drake57 was offered free phone on £20 tariff (even though called as VM customer)

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I called up got conformation, then done it online via quidco

Cheers mate !!! surely deal of the day..

Wouldnt mind getting a new phone - question is theres a few free on their £10 a month, which one is the best ?

Samsung Monte Slide
Nokia 5230

or theres an 'as new' Samsung Tocca Ultra (which i previously liked)

Any advice on these ??

OP: Unless I've missed it, you don't specify contract length in the description (24 months?).
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Assume the phone and contract can be split - flogging the phone and putting the sim (with internet) into another phone.

Means I have got a "spare" phone for less than £10 a month, with internet, that my mother can ring for free from her home phone (she's on virgin) and allows me to ring her for free as well. (Though my main phone is on Tmobile with u/l landline calls anyway).

Looks like a 24 month contract

Ordered one yesterday for my son, arrived today at 12.30, £20 month, 24 month contract, 200 minutes, unlimited texts, unlimited web, £30 tracking in quidco, NUS student discount of 15%, and now the the maths, Contract Cost £480, Less Quidco £30, less student discount £72
Total £15.75 per month
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good deal
getting one delivered tomorrow

Can you go through quidco then paste the link above to get to the current customers page ?
I went through quidco and its only showing the £20/month option and can't see where present customers should click.


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You click http://www.virginmobile.com/vm/media/images/promo/Shop%20promotional%20images/Assetupdate_Sept10/H5.gif

Delivery scheduled for tomorrow - cheers.

Will sell the phone on, as I don't need the Blackberry though.

Thanks again, ordered one now, just point out to the representatves the deal is on the website.


I had earlier thought this wud be one of the hotter deals....still nowhere I had expected it to be..any particular reasons ?
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I'm not sure either?

This needs a bump, such a bargain considering the phone only came out a couple of weeks ago.

Cheers for the info mate. My wifes arrived at 8.45 this morning
Dunno whether they just check your address to see you're a customer but it never asked for account number or anything.

Looks a nice phone.

makes me mad cause I ordered one off dial-a-phone on friday for about £20 a month with less minuted and 500mb internet... Any one no how to cancel if it's order is still being processed?

Ordered yesterday at 3pm, received today 9am for £10 a month and also got a 25% discount on the monthly rental from a "mates rate" deal (a friend who works for virgin media put me in for), so now only cost £7.50 per month.

I think this has expired now, seems to be £20 a month if you want it free

Lol, their site lists the Nokia 5230 as an Android phone

Just ordered one £10. I am a Vermin customer (bb/tv/tel) but I thought it strange it didn't ask for my account number with them as I thought it was only for their customers? Did it ask anyone else for their customer details or do you think they check with your address?

Cheers for the deal - HEAT!

I got myne yesterday at store =), said id refund my blackberry 8520 as i only broguht it 2 days ago and buy online so they gave me for the £10 a month tariff

But can i still get nus student discount on it so its £8.50 a month =S

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Got it today! Thing is that when I go into e mail set up, it wants a enterprise email account password, I cannot seem to set up my own email accounts. Also I added a family members BBM but they still have not got the invite, does this mean the blackberry service is not active yet on the phone? Thanks.

2 year contract! That's quite a commitment! Low number of inclusive minutes. Plus 5.99 insurance - no thanks

Can someone tell me what delivery service they use? Is it Royal Mail or do they use someone else?

After you tick the box to say you are a VirginMedia customer it never asks you again. Does this mean you can get this without actually being on VirginMedia?

@ RLP06 - UPS deliver.
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