BlackBerry Curve 9300 £11 a month, 12 month contract, 100mins + 500 Texts and 100MB Data @ O2 Mobile

BlackBerry Curve 9300 £11 a month, 12 month contract, 100mins + 500 Texts and 100MB Data @ O2 Mobile

Found 5th Apr 2012
::::Exclusive offer for O2 Pay & Go customers who have been with O2 for more than 6 months::::

Check you can take up this offer via this link

For those that absolutely must have a BlackBerry, it's dependable and great for messaging. Locked on the O2 network.

320x240 pixel color display
Transmissive TFT LCD
Font size (user selectable)
Displays over 65,000 colors
3G network support
Optical trackpad
Full QWERTY keyboard
Simultaneous voice and data
Email and text messaging
BlackBerry® Messenger
Instant Messaging
Camera and video recording
Media player
Tethered modem
2.0 MP camera
Fixed focus
Video recording



Free Phone
12 month contract
100 mins
500 texts
100MB data

£0 discount will appear on bill 1
£26 discount will appear on bill 2
£13 discount will appear on bills 3 - 12


This is cheap because...Blackberry has just announced that they are leaving consumer market !!?
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No they arn't. They are 'concentrating their focus' on the business sector which isn't the same as leaving the consumer sector

Are these easy to unlock?


Are these easy to unlock?

there's a member on here does them
see link

Are these easy to unlock?

Thanks for the link

I have just got this deal for my daughter so can answer some of the questions above.
The mins do roll over
Its actually Unlimited texts as an extra free gift
I was advised Unlimited blackberry services seperate to mb for browsing
The calls cannot be capped but I was advised the internet will slow right down when nearing limit till next month, not go over
You sign up to £24 a month and the discount is credited monthly
You can inscrease the mb if needed during contract to £3 for another 100mb, £6 for 500 mb or £10 for 1gb
This cannot be bought on payg for this price, total price £132 (with credit £102!)
You get early upgrade of one month
Also I went through it via live chat with an advisor who gave me £30 credit as incentive to buy, once order number was recieved he credited it straight away.
They charge £1 something for a credit check, refunded in 48 hours
Ordered Monday, My phone came today! I think this is an excellent deal, but am aware I may need to increase the mb, Hope this is helps anyone considering this deal:)
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