Blackberry Playbook 64GB Currys £409 + £100 Qudico

Blackberry Playbook 64GB Currys £409 + £100 Qudico

Found 26th Nov 2011
64GB Playbook only £309 after Quidco
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It's price has halved in the USA
this week. It might be worth a
short wait to see what happens
Good price, but £309 for just a 7" screen seems alot.
Already posted, see the hottest deal of the day!

Already posted, see the hottest deal of the day!

thats the 16GB.

thats the 16GB.

But I'm not going to start another thread for the 32gb one
the offer is on all models, the headline one may have been the 16gb on the other thread but it mentions that all models are on off.

so will we be needing several threads(1 for each model)?
There are over ten threads on playbook. To get the ongoing tips and tricks and news and links to cheap accessories, downloads, news on rooting and possible full android developments, etc. check out the link below in future and bookmark it and contribute if you see anything interesting. Currently to install the android market you need to root the device but RIM (blackberry) updates have disabled dingleberry2 which roots it. However there is a new method just revealed and also dingleberry 3 might be out this weekend:…980
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