Blackberry Torch £240 @ Vodafone

Blackberry Torch £240 @ Vodafone

Found 11th Oct 2010
So an upgrade deal, 500 minutes xnet, unlimited texts, (Vodafone is the only company without a fair usage policy on texts), 500 mb of mobile internet, plus Blackberry Internet Services, for £25 per month on a 24 month plan.

Now the way I have worked out the price above is as follows, £600 total payment, minus the cheapest SIM ONLY I could find to give the same thing, which was £15 per month, giving the total you would be paying for the phone.

And 1 other thing I thought I should point out is in relation to people who will say, oh only 500 mb, well the blackberry services compress data received by the phone and the average blackberry user only uses 10 mb per month thanks to this.

Unsure if this is available to any new customers, as it was an upgrade.


Not sure how you work it out to be £240 if you're taking a sim only on top of it. You planning on giving away the 24 months contract at £25?

Plus uprades are not the same for everyone, so this is really a personal deal for you and a couple of others.

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I meant, the contract I was getting was £25pm, with a free phone, compared to if you just bought the phone and found the lowest value simo which would match the same as your getting on contract

Fair enough, but the deal is misleading as you are not actually getting it for £240, your having to pay £600 over the 2 years. I could easily post a deal saying I got the phone for free, but I have to pay £40 a month on a contract for 2 years.

torch? was sure that had to be a typo for touch... but no! stupid name
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