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4 x Michelin Pilot Sport 4 225/40 R18 Y (92) Car Tyre - Reinforced - £343.10 @ BlackCircles
Found 3rd AugFound 3rd Aug
4 x Michelin Pilot Sport 4 225/40 R18 Y (92) Car Tyre - Reinforced - £343.10 @ BlackCircles
Add 4 to the basket and insert code 4MICH40 . Tyre labelling : Fuel Efficiency - C Wet Grip - A External rolling noise - 71 Very good reviews 4.8 / 5 from 577 r… Read more

Oh sorry, my bad!.. I was trying for 18" size, not 17"


Do you mind checking with Michelin PS4's in the size 205/40/17 as per my first post. I've scrolled back up the old posts and it may be possible that this code does not work for 17 rims but there is no message to say anything when trying to apply the code 4MICH40 .


It's working fine for me


Not working for me trying to get Michelin Pilot Sport 4 - 205/40 R17 Y (84)


On again. Same discount code

Michelin Pilot Sport 4 235/45r19 set for £719 delivered with MICH80 code
Found 10th AprFound 10th Apr
Michelin Pilot Sport 4 235/45r19 set for £719 delivered with MICH80 code
£719£80010%BlackCircles Deals
These tyres normally retail at ~£200 each, but blackcircles currently has a promotion with £80 off if you order a whole set using code MICH80, bringing it down to £180/per tyre, de… Read more
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Yeh i can't get ps4 for mine either even though they sell SS for it.


Yep, but sadly, PS4S are not available in this exact size :-(


Two types are available. Pilot Sport 4 and pilot Sport 4 S. The PS4S are the dogs. The PS4 are ok but might as well get Goodyear ASY 3s cheaper.


Thanks. Looks like it's just on the more expensive sizes - 225/40/18 is "only" £40 off a full set of 4. Not terrible though and stills and cheaper than anywhere else I can see.


The code is shown on their website next to the tyres which can accept it - not sure if it's just this one size or others too.

Michelin Pilot Sport 4 (225/40/18) 92Y XL (SET OF 4) - £332.30 at BlackCircles
Found 28th MarFound 28th Mar
The Michelin Pilot 4: Use voucher code: 4MICH40 for this price on 4 tyres! The Michelin Pilot Sport 4 is a high performance tyre, developed with input from BMW, Mercedes, Audi a… Read more

Finding a ditch will cost you more ;)


Jesus! Cost more than my car. Just got X 2 18's for £90 fitted. Even if I change these every 6 months, it still works out cheaper. Might not corner as well. Lol


You should swap that penny farthing for something safer, mate.


Now slightly cheaper at £332.30!!


Find it laughable that you can’t change the wheel which is largely aesthetic assuming you were to replace with ones of same specifications. Yet they allow you to mess about with any size of tyre you wish to fit, which could in some circumstances, be dangerous. Typical insurers, only bothered about customers claiming for expensive alloys and not the safety aspect.

Goodyear Efficient Grip Van Tires £66.34 @ Black circles
Found 8th FebFound 8th Feb
Goodyear Efficient Grip Van Tires £66.34 @ Black circles
I've been hunting around for the best value all-season van tires i could find in the UK and thought i'd share my work here. Michelin Defenders are undisputed king in the US, but … Read more
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Click bait as its a waste of time, but you can't be bothered letting people know its one specific size only.


yes Harley. total clickbait. now watch as i take my ill gotten gains and ride off into a life of luxury, laughing in a dastardly manner! 8)


With a bit of luck you could get good and cheap tyres from reputable sellers on ebay, like 4 x kumhos 175/80/14 88T for £129.99 delivered or 2 x semperit 205/65/r15c for £84.99 delivered.


It's not a deal when its 50% more than the title says... hardly donr the hard bit, 'clickbait'


To be fair OP has researched the important bit, not exactly hard for us to put our own size in which we would have to do to purchase anyway. Unless people are just checking for fun in which case I'd recommend another hobby.

Free Digital Tyre Inflator With Michelin Primacy 4 Tyres at BlackCircles
Found 15th JanFound 15th Jan
Free Digital Tyre Inflator With Michelin Primacy 4 Tyres at BlackCircles
To celebrate the launch of the Michelin Primacy 4, is giving away a digital tyre inflator with every eligible order. To claim this amazing offer, place an order of… Read more
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A tire (American English) or tyre (British English; see spelling differences) is a ring-shaped component that surrounds a wheel's rim to transfer a vehicle's load from the axle through the wheel to the ground and to provide traction on the surface traveled over. Most tires, such as those for automobiles and bicycles, are pneumatically inflated structures, which also provide a flexible cushion that absorbs shock as the tire rolls over rough features on the surface. Tires provide a footprint that is designed to match the weight of the vehicle with the bearing strength of the surface that it rolls over by providing a bearing pressure that will not deform the surface excessively WATHS TEH PORBLEM ?


"Tyres"! (annoyed)


My apologies but no i don't work at all im a student


Probably not as this is a deal for Black Circles (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)


has to be a good deal if you were going to buy the tires anyway - probably not worth if otherwise !!! but the tire inflator is very good - had mine for a couple of years now

Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S - Buy 2 get £15 off --- Buy 4 get £40 off @ Black circles
Found 10th JanFound 10th Jan
Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S - Buy 2 get £15 off --- Buy 4 get £40 off @ Black circles
As the title says, Michelin Pilot Sport S Buy 2 get £15 off --- Buy 4 get £40 off Black circles already offer great pricing on the tyres as standard so its a nice little saving … Read more

PS4S start at 19" The PS4 is available in a smaller diameter.


Unfortunately costco don’t carry the size of the I need, however the Pilot super sports do come in that size at Blackcircles, do they have to be the same size to get the offer though...only one way to tell I suppose.


Thanks for the post I've purchased 4 kumho tyres 175/80/r14 for £200 fully fitted not bad imo


Michelin Pilot Sport 4 is the standard PS4 tyre, this deal is for the MPS4S/MPSS which is higher up the food chain. MPS4S is the replacement for the Michelin Pilot Super Sport which are fitted to mine as std. Usual confusing Michelin naming convention, great tyres though! I have the normal PS4 on my wife’s car which are also really good.


Not much difference in price, I got a full set on Monday from Costco. Though Costco have a current offer of an in store voucher when you buy 4.

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Quality Choice tyre from blackcircles with lifetime guarantee+ X2 tescoclubcard points £43.34Each
Found 16th Jul 2016Found 16th Jul 2016
Quality Choice tyre from blackcircles with lifetime guarantee+ X2 tescoclubcard points £43.34Each
Quality Choice tyre from comes with lifetime guarantee and X2 tesco clubcard points. Price Includes VAT, delivery, fitting, balancing and disposal of your old tyr… Read more
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I plumbed for these tyres. Hoped that I would get Avon ones as they matched the C C 71 spec. Got Rapid p309 tyres. Yet to see how long they last.


Excellent price, hot deal :)


F1 should get these save a bomb Seriously they have awful service in Poole where you can easily lose a day in the shop Prob because cheap and queue

Toyo Snowprox S953  205/55 R16 91H Winter Tyre Fully Fitted + 3 x Tesco Clubcard Points + a chance of winning Driving Experience for two at Silverstone  £61.30 blackcircles
Found 25th Oct 2015Found 25th Oct 2015
Toyo Snowprox S953 205/55 R16 91H Winter Tyre Fully Fitted + 3 x Tesco Clubcard Points + a chance of winning Driving Experience for two at Silverstone £61.30 blackcircles
Looks like a great offer for winter tyres in very popular size

Aye I forgot, if the wheel isn't made by BMW it's a fake, it's not as if there are companies out there that actually make aftermarket wheels for cars (BMW included) Here's a photo of my BMW with some terrible insurance busting fake wheels.


one manufactured by bmw. go have a look at the price of original OEM alloys. i could buy fakes but then my insurance would go up by a stupid amount.


I have no idea how i have managed to commute 75 miles everyday for 10 years in all conditions without these tyres and I live in rural north yorkshire.


Don't be ignorant mate. Michelins have much better rating for rolling resistance comparing to Toyo and therefore should last longer. Facts. Also Toyo has lower speed rating, which could be a problem for some. Nothing impessive according to 2015 test


So, according to auto express, in the wet, during winter temperatures, you're likely to see a 20% reduction in stopping distance using winter tyres as opposed to summer. About 8 meters in the test Using one type of car, one type of tyre and only one type of surface condition. Hardly a good test but it's the best I could find. I want more data but apparently the only thing everyone wants to show is how well winter tyres can climb snowy hills.. :{ It's more about marketing than facts. To put the above numbers into perspective those running tyres near the legal tread depth (1.5mm) see an average increase of stopping distance of 37.25% as opposed to the same cars running tyres with 3mm tread depth.. From 70mph

Dunlop Sport BluResponse 215 60 16 H 99 tyres £97.99 each fitted @ BlackCircles
Found 21st Feb 2015Found 21st Feb 2015
Dunlop Sport BluResponse 215 60 16 H 99 tyres £97.99 each fitted @ BlackCircles
After seeing so many 205 55 16 tyre deals and needing a pair of fronts for my Smax I have looked all over the net for the last few days. This is the best price I can find for what … Read more
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feel free to post a better deal for this tyre fitted. I'm going to need more tyres at some point, I'd be happy to save more money.


Not a great deal really are u mad?


after seeing hukd full of one size (205 55 16) tyre deals I was happy to post one in a different size which is the size I need 215 60 16.


Blackcirlces declined my cashback for a genuine purchase, so I use tyre shopper now.


Why are you looking at 215 60 16 tyres if you need 205 55 16 tyres in your description

Tesco Clubcard points mega boost @ BlackCircles
Found 12th Sep 2013Found 12th Sep 2013
Tesco Clubcard points mega boost @ BlackCircles
Make the Tesco Clubcard points you earn with go even further with Clubcard Boost - the new name for Exchange & Rewards. With the great Clubcard offerings we ha… Read more

You still around Your a bore leave it there


You've applied the 4 multiplier twice, when you should only apply it once. Blackcircles do NOT give you 4x Tesco Points, they give you 1x Tesco Points (so the Dunlop's purchase will be 719 points). If you then choose to redeem your points through Tesco's 'Clubcard Boost', then you'll get; Blinkbox: £30 credit Avios: 1725 Cafe Rouge: £28.80 . Having just spent £720 on tyres, the returns above are fairly modest and unexciting in my personal view.


On Michelin Pilot Super Sport 225/35 R19 Y (88) the tyres are £209.78 each fully fitted, £839.12 for the set - good price for Michelin. That is 839 clubcard points plus a bonus of 5,900 - other brands also do such bonus sums. Or, if I went for the cheaper Dunlop SP Sport Maxx RT 225/35 R19 Y (88) at £179.76 each that is £179.76ea or £719.04 for the set. This offers x4 clubcard points so that is 2,876 So, using Rewards, for the Dunlops that is: Blinkbox: £120 credit Avios: 6900 Cafe Rouge: £115 And well over double those figures for the Michelins


Yep. This 'deal' equates to a 1% discount in it's initial form, and a 4% discount if you subsequently boost your points with Tesco Rewards. It's a bit like saying you've saved £1 but that's worth £4 if you can find an item selling in Poundland with 75% discount on that items street price. That is basically how Blackcircle is pitching this. On a £400 purchase of tyres, this 'deal' is worth £4. Spend those £4 wisely (through Boost) and it's worth £16. Wow. Doesn't excite me and far from 'Mega'.


Still waiting for my points from black circle from last year!

MOT for £5 with £100 spend on tyres at Blackcircles
Found 21st Apr 2013Found 21st Apr 2013
MOT for £5 with £100 spend on tyres at Blackcircles
Get your MOT refunded (less £5) with a voucher from Blackcircles (MOT can be done anywhere). Vouchers issued when you spend over £100 on tyres from a range of manufacturers. Thei… Read more

black circled are expensive now


I am surprised to see that the prices for car tyres are pretty much similar across all websites. There are no competitive prices or deals! This is crazy. I have been searching and waiting for weeks now. As for Black Circle, no idea why people go on about them. The only cheap tyre they have is their own value tyre! I am better off buying tyres locally which would be the same price as online for a premium tyre. As for MOT, I already only pay 9.99 every year for an MOT, so black circle's offer is useless.


Hot Hot used this company a few times now had tyres fitted at Halfords saving a nice sum <3


Great deal! Just be careful when ordering, if you also want an MOT, it needs to be done separately and not all in one order. The MOT voucher is generated AFTER your tyres are fitted (or delivered), so if you have an MOT at the same time as the tyre fitting it will not be covered by the voucher. Simple rule: get your MOT separately..


Just been on the phone to them, as an order I made previously has been discontinued. The offer is now available on many more tyre brands, including some budget one (Falken). Added are now Hankook, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Falken, Great deal.

Black Circles Tyres - MOT deal
Found 11th Apr 2013Found 11th Apr 2013
Black Circles Tyres - MOT deal
Looks like Black Circles are doing a great back on an MOT if you are buying tyres

It is quite simple to activate the deal - there are four main steps: 1. Place a qualifying order (when you spend £100+ on Goodyear, Dunlop, Continental, Michelin, Yokohama or Kumho tyres) to receive a unique reference number by email . 2. Register the code within 7 days of receipt. 3. At any time within the following 12 months book your MOT at any MOT centre. 4. Once your car has passed the MOT, provide a copy of the certificate (within 28 days of the test) and you will be reimbursed the cost of your MOT by bank transfer (minus £5). More info (including T&Cs) can be found here. Hope that helps :)


How does the deal work?


Did anyone had experience with claiming money back for MOT from

QUADRUPLE Tesco Clubcard points on Goodyear and Dunlop tyres.
Found 11th Jan 2013Found 11th Jan 2013
QUADRUPLE Tesco Clubcard points on Goodyear and Dunlop tyres.
QUADRUPLE Tesco Clubcard points on Goodyear and Dunlop tyres.
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Blackcircles quoted £1042.88 for 4 tyres and Camskill are £866.80 for the same tyres! 19 inch runflats for BMW M sport Convertible. Therefore voted COLD and I hate Tesco anyway


Just had 2 tyres fitted this morning in local garage I didnt know was there but very good service and no problems , quick , easy and cheap.:)


Forget those points use Valuetyres, just bought 2 X Bridgestone EP150 Ecopia @ £57.68 each for H speed rating compared with Blackcircles price of £63.89 for a T rating . A saving of about £6 per tyre. However Blackcicles customer service is better as I think Valuetyres customer service is minimal then again the profit margin is so little so there is little scope to offer service.


Not according to Tyre Shopper, the Goodyear is E / C / 67db, whilst the Avon is G / C / 71db. G being the worst possible rating for fuel economy.


When I did this they rang to say no stock. Offered an inferior tyre and no discount plus no clubcard points on that tyre. Said just refund me and it took 5 days to get the money back

upto 5000 Tesco clubcard on Michelin Tyres, also double club card points on any other tyres @ BlackCircles with FREE Tyre fitting service at local garage of your choice
Found 29th Aug 2012Found 29th Aug 2012
upto 5000 Tesco clubcard on Michelin Tyres, also double club card points on any other tyres @ BlackCircles with FREE Tyre fitting service at local garage of your choice
just bought tyre and fitting service from this website and received double Tesco club card points on my purchase and checked a bit further and found that you can get upto 5000 tesc… Read more
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Yes they do.


The deal is about getting Tesco club card points on your purchase, and making the most of it. The tyre fitting service is completely free at any local garage to be chosen from their list ,including timings . For eg@ for 50£ worth of Good year Tyre, i received 200 club card points, equivalent to 2£ , so its like cashback. so with 5000 club card points, you will get 50£ vouchers, which can be doubled to 100£ in Tesco Double club card scheme..


full free fitting service at your nearest garage, included in the price. I checked at my local tyre service and he was offering a budget tyre for 47£ inc fitting and when i checked on this website, i got a Goodyear tyre for 50£ inc fitting at the garage which was just 0.3miles near my house, plus quadrapule club card points. its great offer, dont know why its going down the heat..


Kwik Fit balanced mine as well when I had my tyres replaced in March. 5000 clubcard points sounds good but you have to spend £1000 on Michelin tyres to qualify.


Did you complain? Every time I have bought tyres via Blackcircles, which has been far too often, they have been balanced. Perhaps the garage you picked is not very good.

Yokohama tyres Pay over 12 months at 0% at
Found 19th Apr 2012Found 19th Apr 2012
The cost of tyres is a real pain especially come MOT time. But i noticed that at you can now buy Yokohama tyres and spread the cost over 12 months and pay monthly … Read more
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They won't entertain you for finance if you're retired.


my local supplier will charge me that for yokohamas fitted... but mine are 205/40/17


might get these for my mr2 [img][/img] nearly £500 for 4 !! oO


A Prius with knackered batteries :)


You've clearly never driven a tiny Fiat, you're meant to rev their little balls off and whip around roundabouts :D

Hankook I*cept Evo W310 205/55 R16 91H Winter Tyre @ Blackcircles delivered
Found 19th Nov 2011Found 19th Nov 2011
Hankook I*cept Evo W310 205/55 R16 91H Winter Tyre @ Blackcircles delivered
You will get this price when order four and apply 'hankookwinter10' code at checkuot. 93.43 when you choose fitted option.
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There is a very small drop off in performance but it's so low it isn't relevant, mostly as these tyres still perform far in excess of cheap ditchfinders at any time and there's very often more than 10% variation between tests of a group of summer tyres.


According to this article, winter tyres provide about 10% less grip than summer tyres at temperatures above 10 Celsius. Whilst winter tyres are about 50% better in sub-zero/snowy conditions. Just goes to show what optimists us Brits are that most of us run summer tyres all year round rather than winter tyres would probably make more sense with our miserable summers!


For the size I was interested in 225 55 16, camskill come up significantly cheaper around £45 cheaper on the price for 4 delivered. But I'm still undecided...


Yes. Far too many ignorant and brainless drivers think that you can continue to drive as you do in the summer.


[quote=samoyed]Be careful of the speed ratings guys, I bought some winter tyres last year and had to look long and hard to find V rated available that my manufacturer states should be fitted according to the manual, I know you won't get to the rated speed unless you drive off a cliff, but H rated (130MPH) is slower than V (149MPH) and fitting anything other than the manufacturers recommended means you've got to tell your insurers and they usually up the premiums or invalidate your insurance, anything to rip you off a few quid... BTW I've had Hankook on my GT4 for years and love 'em, and winter tyres on my 4x4 made a world of difference, stopped me 30 - 50% shorter distance and no wheel spin on takeoff at all, so well worth the expense... BTW winter tyres I got for 4x4 were cheap Nankang or sommat make, but I was very impressed. Not quite correct. You can fit a higher speed rated tyre e.g. V instead of H and you don't have to tell your insurer. But if you fitted a lower speed rated tyre or a smaller rim size e.g. 15" instead of 16" or a bigger rim size e.g.17" instead of 16" your insurer could refuse to pay out in the event of an accident. There is no need to tell them if you change to winter or all-season tyres so long as the rim size and minimum speed ratings are quoted in your owners manual for the model you drive.

Buy a set of 4 Michelin tyres @ BlackCircles and get £40 back in fuel vouchers!
Found 6th Jun 2011Found 6th Jun 2011
Buy a set of 4 Michelin tyres @ BlackCircles and get £40 back in fuel vouchers!
Get £40 back in fuel vouchers when you buy a set of 4 Michelin tyres. Simply complete this claim form and post it back with your original receipt to the address below: MICHELIN IN… Read more

Great deal IMO.... I only need two tyres and was looking at black circles last night, I was gutted to see this offer for four! I normally buy my energys from costco which is great for four (20% off every so often) but the per tyre cost is about the same on black circles and a much shorter drive for me! HOWEVER I noticed another deal on hotdeals for £25 in fuel vouchers for the purchase of 2 Michelin tyres. Phone 0845 3661587 in advance of your purchase, register and they e-mail you the forms / info. Promo runs until September claim by Oct! £25 to spend on fuel in Sainsburys. Two fitted tyres for around £136 (discount code & quidco) & £25 back in vouchers, plus if you believe the adverts energy's pay for themselves in fuel savings too.... Can't be bad!


French or Italian? Both will surrender in the wet!


Hmm, or buy Pirelli P1 tyres which are slightly cheaper and better fuel economy.

Car Tyres Save up to 40% on Car Tyres, Van & 4x4 Tyres @ BlackCircles
Found 19th Jan 2011Found 19th Jan 2011
Car Tyres Save up to 40% on Car Tyres, Van & 4x4 Tyres @ BlackCircles
Be soft, first deal thing After all the bad weather at christmas and with all the grit and salt lying on the road attacking the tyres alot of people will need new tyres for the ca… Read more

and continuously slagging off the poster with inane comments helps just as much!!


WOW - I understand why the deals are getting worse on here! People try and help out and just get ripped into and slagged off multiple times!! Let's all stick to 'Pears 5 for a £1 at Tesco' to avoid conflict and no longer post 'Sale threads' or deals we think are decent, eh...........


Thank you very much :) when i need them again ill try there then.


a total of 6quid ? or something similar, plus if tyreshoppers is anything like event tyres then they dont come near glasgow. where as i knew for a fact blackcirlces do and you are able to use vouchers to bring cost down aswell, if i had realised before then, it would of worked out cheaper.


I can see that the temp is cold and I understand why people will have voted it cold but, for some they can get a deal, i just thought id share my experience with them to allow others to benefit from it, not to have someone who clearly has nothing better to do with there time, attempt to be smart with their sarcasm, because that in my opinion is alot of ****. just personal opinion mind

Pirelli P6000 £66,48 Goodyear Eagles NCT5 £65.66 fitted
Found 5th May 2008Found 5th May 2008
Pirelli P6000 £66,48 Goodyear Eagles NCT5 £65.66 fitted
i just did a search for some tyres via kwik fit, national and this tyre - very good tyre - p6000 the search i did was for Tyre Size 205/55V16 this was 66.48 delieverd, balanced a… Read more

I have just used this company to buy a new Michelin tyre to match the others on my car. Once you take off Quidco the price is about the same as Charlie Browns and a lot cheaper than Kwik-Fit, however the fitter is coming to my house to fit and balance the tyre, seems like a bargain to me.


I have the P6000 on my 306TD, they are these eco tyres or something so they last longer (which has'nt really been the case for me) I've had no problems in the wet, but I've always driven carefully coz of its **** breaks. This tyre is fine for this type of car and the sort of driving I do in it. My other car is a Honda Type R so will steer clear of the P6000 with that. Also I would never visit a KwikFit again. They did a free break check on my 306 and damaged the drums coz they did'nt know how to take them apart correctly.


I too have a Mazda 6 (Diesel) and have Continental Sport Contact 2 on the front, and some ****** "Kings Tyres" on the back, the back one's are awful, but the Continentals are lasting very well, 8000 miles and the tread depth has barely changed. Seems to be a fair amount of grip on them too. :thumbsup: Now the back one's, are terrible, i nearly lost the back end going left about 20mph on a roundabout :roll:


p6000 scary tyres, had them twice on a previous car and i can vouch for them being terrible in the wet. I was getting them for £55 each fitted (National Tyre) and that was almost 3 years ago...


Voted cold - not the best tyre for the price. I always go Goodyear or Continental, Hyragrip seem to be a good for the money if you shop around... Anyone around Coventry/Nuneaton - Brittannia Tyres are the way to go! Grimmie

Pirelli P6000 tyres - 195/50/15 ! Bargain! £30.61 (without delivery) and 5 % discount available!
Found 26th Jan 2007Found 26th Jan 2007
Pirelli P6000 tyres - 195/50/15 ! Bargain! £30.61 (without delivery) and 5 % discount available!
Great Pirelli P6000 tyres with V speed rating! They are cheaper than the same P6000 with lower T rating! Great price - cheapest I could find elswhere is arround 45 pounds! You ha… Read more

Thanks for the information! Any ideas on where I can find tires surrey? I would like to find something a little closer to where I live. Thanks again!


You can get the michelin for £70 each at costco


michellin man myself. Although at £135 each, theirs no room for change :(


I have to agree with other remarks on here...Ive got these on my Puma and in the wet they are not great, in the dry though they are fantastic.


I used to have these Pirelli P6000's on my car, and believe me they are dangerous as hell in the wet. I could get them for £25 a tyre from my local RapidFit with the V Rating. Still a good price, but brace yourself with the puddles.