Blackguards 2 PS4/XBOX ONE. £27.99 with Prime Discount.(29.99 without) at Amazon

Blackguards 2 PS4/XBOX ONE. £27.99 with Prime Discount.(29.99 without) at Amazon

Found 29th Aug 2017Edited by:"voyager123"
Don't now anything about this, but seems the cheapest around for those with prime, well apart from this one on Ebay, but never heard of them even though has over 22000 feedback.…rue

Having succumbed to madness following years of incarceration at the hands of her husband, disgraced noblewoman Cassia now has only one goal: to take revenge on him and seize his throne, no matter the cost. Teaming up with the infamous Blackguards and a loyal but ruthless army of sells words, she heads out to wage an unrelenting war against the entirety of southern Aventura. But for Cassia, time itself is a mighty foe, with each passing day taking a greater toll on her sanity with Blackguards 2, experience a turn-based tactical RPG delivering challenging hex field battles and a gritty story of revenge. Choose your play style by specializing in melee and ranged combat, or by wielding devastating magical spells. Develop cunning strategies to overcome merciless foes. Every action has far reaching consequences, as every decision you make is a march against your own descent into madness
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xbox one…rds

with anyluck Base will see this and price match for those who would rather use them (me) or don't have prime.
Doesn't look like my cup of tea but heat for the price for anyone interested.
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