*Blackpool only* Tesco Whitegate Drive, £2 off £6 spend
*Blackpool only* Tesco Whitegate Drive, £2 off £6 spend

*Blackpool only* Tesco Whitegate Drive, £2 off £6 spend

This is Whitegate Drive Tesco *only*.

Sainsbury's local has now opened up and sales in Tesco and Co-op are plummeting. Viva the consumer. Tesco's are fighting back with a whopping £2 off £6 spend. This is evidenced by the vast choice in the reduced section. I'm loving it.

As with other vouchers, this excludes: Tobacco, fuel, Cafe, Lottery, E-top up, scripts, infant milk formulae, gift cards and Tesco Direct.

Example, Becks is currently £3.33 for 6 bottles in Tesco (£4 in Sainsbury's local!) and with the voucher, thus further discount, equals 38p per bottle instead of 56p.

These vouchers are being handed out with shopping, but don't be scared to ask to have it applied to your current basket - they don't care. Got me a handful of vouchers.

Only Blackpool Whitegate Drive though - shame.


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good to know, i go to tesco often on my lunch break. thankyou

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You're welcome. I note the usual dumb, useless idiots are voting cold because they don't live here.

bargain ... percentage terms its an excellent deal ... nice work OP

Great deal if you live nearby - heat added.

nice one

great deal thanks
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