Blacks - up to 1/2 price SALE - now ON !
Blacks - up to 1/2 price SALE - now ON !

Blacks - up to 1/2 price SALE - now ON !

Blacks - up to 1/2 price SALE - now ON !

Reductions now ON throughout the site. Please post if you spot any offers.


Cool, how much for 3 farm workers and a maid?

6 groats and a turnip

It looks only slightly more interesting than the Craghoppers sale...

They emailed me...
"You don't have to camp outside the shops to guarantee
you get the best bargains of the January sales.
Shop online with Craghoppers and receive up to 50% off
the whole Autumn/Winter range!"

Someone forgot to tell the webupdatingnerd bloke.

There's nothing more annoying than websites that have sales who expect you to trawl through the whole site to find reductions. Why don't they just have a sale section? Debenhams and Great Universal are the same. I just don't bother and I'm sure most other people don't either. If they want to get rid of old stock then the best way to do it is to make it obvious.

Victorinox Swiss Memory 64mb with Knife - Was £54.99 Now £34.99

Ideal for the office as well as the outdoors, this knife has a modern translucent design and seven useful functions.

* Stainless steel blade
* 64Mb USB memory stick
* Scissors
* Small screwdriver
* Nail file
* Pressurised pen
* Red LED light
* Weight 33g
* Length 58mm
* Limited lifetime warranty

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