Blacksite: Area 51 Xbox 360 £19.99
Blacksite: Area 51 Xbox 360 £19.99

Blacksite: Area 51 Xbox 360 £19.99

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We all thought that Area 51, the heart of conspiracy theory, was full of those mildly cute little grey aliens with the big heads. It turns out we were wrong. It's also full to the brim of great big ugly aliens of the distinctly scary kind.

Unfortunately, when things go wrong down at Area 51 and scores of the nasties escape into the surrounding area, someone has to deal with it. That would be you.

As the leader of an elite Special Forces squad, players will head into the desert to face unearthly threats with nothing but their guts, savvy, and some big ol' guns. And some team mates. In fact, as well as engaging in first-person shooting action, players will actively lead their squad. Do it right, and your squad will serve you well. Get it wrong, and morale will sink and you'll find yourself fighting an uphill battle. Not to worry, however, you'll be able to command your squad to perform tasks such as planting C-4 and sniping at enemy guard towers with a unique one button command system.

It comes with the classic range of online modes, including DeathMatch, Team DeathMatch and Capture the Flag. Midway has also thrown in some unique modes for good measure including Human vs. Reborn and Siege mode.


How do I get rid of £1 postage?

Great price for a new release voted hot, shame the games been getting duff reviews tho. One to avoid i think

Yeah, its not that great. I completed the main story line in 3 hours. Good story line, nice graphics, just over waaay too short.

Get it and exchange at BB for any chart game (including Orange Box or limited edition Call Of Duty 4) for £14.99... not that great a deal but not too bad...

Showing £39.99 am I missing something?

Definately showing £19.99 in basket


Definately showing £19.99 in basket

Yeah working now, very strange. Anyway, voted hot and ordered. :thumbsup:

Don't forget quidco people :thumbsup:

Original Poster

The demo was great, really liked it.

Its really good actually!

Like said above, great graphics etc, but short, so was call of duty though!

Good while it lasts though!

listed as 39.99 on their front page. great find! i wonder if they'll stick to the 19.99 price? voted hot!

well i am trying to buy it but get this mesage when it trys to goto checkout...

The service is not available. Please try again later.

Also ever since they re made their site i have problems with it and only that site no other sites act up with failed page loads and what not bs messages like the above one. Never had a problem with their old site.

its £19.99 if you go through the advent calendar and im not sure if this offer is for today only, their website has always been **** and they got thousands of games which they dont list

Had this for a while, the game graphics are of Rainbow Six type (v.good) but the gameplay is a little clunky (but very playable). However online play is very naff.

I think it does look like most fps games are now gonna be judged by the cod4 yardstick, that said this is an ok game but really, Blacksite should be a good bit better especially online.


Great find, games new and you get it for £20! Thanks to OP.

is it just me or is the site really slow and pages in checkout are always unavailable? i have been trying to buy it but everything time im about to click confirm it says page unavailable, really annoying.

Have heard reports that the game is very bad and considering it has only just came out and being sold for £20, you could always buy it and try it then trade in at blockbuster as surely you would get your money back

anyone know when this expires


anyone know when this expires

Probably before you can successfully place an order! :x

Guys, sorry, but this game is really pants. I saw all the trailers and got all the hype and was soooo ready to get this game. Then, the reviews game in - cack, cack, rushed, cack.

I thought well, can't be that bad - they've been wrong in the past.

But they weren't. It really is pants. The A.I. is terrible and I just couldn't be bothered to play more than 2 hours of torture.

I paid full price and Game gave me 14 quid as part payment on another game. Gutted.

18 quid is a bargain price for some games, but this isn't worth 8 quid. Sorry, but it really is that rubbish.

This says £19.99 on one page but when in basket it is £39.99.

You get any game for £14.99 when trading this in at blockbuster so the guy above that only got £14 from game got mugged lol

played the demo before shelling out and what **** its like a cheap gears of war its not worth £20 and also tried jericho that rubbish to.

Now back up to £39.99 so they must have sold all their allocated units for the sale

I've just ordered this now and it went through ok.

looks like it's back on as they must have ran out of stock so the system went back up to £39.99 then when the stock came in it went back down

This isnt expired
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