Blacksite: Area 51 (Xbox 360) - £8.99 @ CD Wow

Blacksite: Area 51 (Xbox 360) - £8.99 @ CD Wow

Found 30th Jun 2008Made hot 30th Jun 2008
Not the best 360 game but a bargain @ £8.99. Go through link for this price. Next cheapest seems to be £14.99 @ Softuk. There's also 4% cashback through quidco


ordered, thanks

What's the craic with this ? If i go to cd-wow normally it shows £8.99, if i go through quidco using gary_rips instructions it shows as £9.99 down to £8.99.

I've also got a link which gives £2 off apparently, but again through that link the game shows as £9.99 :thinking:…a51

Reviews on this game

Nothing more than an awful game, with horrific visuals, arguably the worst framerate this generation has seen, poor audio, and cookie-cutter gameplay that'll bore you to tears. As a torture device, Blacksite works extremely well, so if you're into masochism, this'll do the trick.

MAN! Xbox games are always cheaper...

rented this, and i thought it was a great game well worth £9 bargain

Mojouk your review and link is for the PS3 version which is rubbish, the 360 version got a much better review.

360 version…051

Reviews on 360 version of this game

It looks great, plays great, sounds great and works well online, yet never pretends to be better than it is. It will slip under the radar of many gamers, but for those who are a fan of the genre it comes highly recommended.

sorry for bein dumb but how do u get through the link for £8.99 price and get 4% off through quidco? or is it one or the other?

Well my husband really enjoyed this game and from what i saw it looked very impresive and very enjoyable that was on the XBOX 360
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