BlackSite Xbox 360 £7.99 Delivered

BlackSite Xbox 360 £7.99 Delivered

Found 28th Oct 2008
Modern day fears come to life in a familiar, yet extraordinary setting: a small American town swarming with alien life. The government is desperate, struggling to contain secrets so terrible they can no longer be kept. Everything hinges on the action of Aeran Pierce, a former Special Forces assassin thrown into one of the most explosive moments in American history.



Hot from me....ordered ta

The campaign amused for a while but don't expect anything from the online bit. It was buggy and not many people were on.

Check reviews on metascore and before spending the 8£, i rented this from LOVEFiLM and well, it wasnt even worth the time it took to get to mine! Very bland, average, basic and buggy FPS.. tbh, use that 7.99 to buy a half decent game

Not a bad game, but if you're a Southpaw like me then u cant change the controller setup

This was in my sons LIST of 360 games he has asked for for Chrimbo.


Many Thanks
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