Blackspot Road Angel Classic £57.58 + Delivery

Blackspot Road Angel Classic £57.58 + Delivery

Found 21st Aug 2006, have the Classic Road Angel on Today only price (Price will be valid until 10am tomorrow morning (Tuesday)

Postage will apply on top, or you can collect if local to them (Bolton)

ROAD ANGEL is specially designed to be a simple-to-use addition to any vehicle, to alert and warn you in advance of known danger areas. In the comprehensive ROAD ANGEL database are stored Police, Local Authority and Ministry of Transport designated danger spots, including accident blackspots and safety camera locations. Using the latest Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology, ROAD ANGEL compares your position with the known danger spot locations and gives you an audible and visual warning as you approach them. An accurate GPS speedometer in the display gives you time to adjust your driving to the approaching danger.

The safety of you and your passengers is our prime consideration, and we trust that for all the miles you drive, your ROAD ANGEL will enhance the safety and enjoyment of your journey. Join other ROAD ANGEL users in guarding your life and livelihood.

The Black Spot Road Angel is the leading GPS based Speed camera detection device in the UK. This system is capable of locating and warning you.

Fixed cameras (Gatso & Truvelo)
Mobile (known Laser sites & motorway road works sites)
Average speed cameras (SPECS)
Accident blackspots

Unlike many of its competitors, the Road Angel can be placed on your car's dashboard, and does not have to be hardwired, as it can be powered from a car cigarette lighter. This gives the added advantage of making the unit easy to remove, increasing the safety of your car. During tests carried out by TotalPDA personnel, the Road Angel proved to be very efficient, with the alarm sounding at all camera locations. On top of this there were no false alarms, which used to be a frequent occurence with older Speed Trap Detectors.

It will come with 12 months camera subscription and laser module, This is a great price, I paid £250 for mine about 18 months ago.


£64.61 Inc VAT and Delivery . Same P&P for up to 4 of these. I'm well tempted.
Nice find

Original Poster

I've used one of these for years, and they are just the ticket, for not getting a ticket :grin:

The database is very good, you can even add accident blackspots onto it, which is always handy when driving into the unknown.

I'm tempted very much to get a spare one, just in case :lol:

Hi Blackster, Is access to the database free?

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no, it comes with 12 months of free updates (via the internet) this updates either camera,specs,mobile locations and blackspots if you choose.

After this time, the subscription is charged at :

1 Year Subscription £49

2 Year Subscription £79

One off life time Subscription £99 (I went for this one last year)

You can buy those here :…php

The software to update is free and comes on supplied cd-rom or you can download from their website.


Thanks for this blackester

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