Blackwoods 2012 Vintage Gin (40%) @ Booths Supermarkets for £18

Blackwoods 2012 Vintage Gin (40%) @ Booths Supermarkets for £18

LocalFound 1st Sep 2017
I'd popped into my local "Booths" expecting to pay the usual slightly-over-the-odds price for a bottle of my favourite gin and was pleased to find that it was on offer - £18 a bottle. This is the cheapest I've ever had it. It's cheaper than Amazon or Tesco by quite a margin. I didn't have long to look around but there were quite a few different gins that are discounted under this offer. If Blackwoods doesn't float your boat there may be something else there that does.

Offer is only available in-store so if you're nowhere near a Booths this will be no good for you. I've marked the deal as local but it is regional to the Northwest and Yorkshire, really.
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Was 19 quid at Sainsbury's on Saturday if not got a booths.

If you like Blackwoods check out their 60% version. It's awesome!
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