Blade DVD £1.78 @ ChoicesUK (Among other cheap DVDs')

Blade DVD £1.78 @ ChoicesUK (Among other cheap DVDs')

Found 26th Dec 2010Made hot 27th Dec 2010
Blade (Wesley Snipes) is every vampire's nightmare: possessed of the same powers as his bloodsucking brethren, but without the weaknesses that can destroy them. Acting as a modern day Van Helsing, Blade sets out to foil a plan for a legion of the undead to wipe out mankind, masterminded by vampire overlord Deacon Frost (Stephen Dorff).

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Blood, blood, bloody schowers:) HOT DEAL


repost matey.

How romantic can you get...this was my first film with my wife...ive never seen a woman close her eyes so much...I also threw up, all I could here was my niece in the next row snogging one of her boyfriends...great memories...!?

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