Blade: House of Chthon (Uncut) - £1 @ Poundland (IN-STORE)
Blade: House of Chthon (Uncut) - £1 @ Poundland (IN-STORE)

Blade: House of Chthon (Uncut) - £1 @ Poundland (IN-STORE)

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Gory action as the ultimate Vampire hunter returns for another go around with the fanged nocturnal nuisances. Spinoff from the successful 'Blade' franchise - 'The House of Chthon' is the pilot for a the Blade TV series. Continuing the hunt for the pure bloods, Blade (Sticky Fingaz takes over the role from Wesley Snipes) must do battle with the ancient sect of vampires known as the House of Chthon led by their evil overlord Marcus Van Sciver (Neil Jackson). This nasty set of dark creatures has plants in every echelon of society - some vampires and some 'familiars' or humans sympathetic to their cause. Chthon (pr. 'kah-thon') is working round the clock to develop a new breed of super vampires that will have evolved around the traditional weaknesses of stakes through the heart, garlic etc. Usually a lone hunter, Blade senses the sheer power of these wicked scientists and enlists the help of Krista Starr (Jill Wagner), a recently returned Iraqi war veteran whose own brother - Blade's informant - has been slain by Marcus. Marcus infects Krista and turns her into a vampire but just in time, Blade injects her with the serum that controls his own vampire instincts and the two form a bond. In a race to save humanity as we know it, the pair, along with Blade's trusty sidekick Shen (Nelson Lee) must face the toughest foe any of them has ever encountered.


shame they canceled this. it was awesome.

also does this DVD only have the first episode or does it have more?

Original Poster

Just the pilot (the first two episodes together) but its an extended version with more gore. It is also has an audio commentary.

Shame this got canned it was a great TV series!

The last episode was a cliff-hanger, same as the brilliant canceled John Doe series.

Just to clarify, this "extended/uncut" pilot is also the version featured on the series 1 DVD set.

I borrowed this and it made me watch the rest of the series, not a bad watch as it happens.

Blade = awesome, Blade II = awesome, Blade III = *****, TV show = not bad... good price!
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